Live Richer Podcast, Episode 9: Tori Dunlap Tells You How To Negotiate Your Next Raise and Invest With Any Salary

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Are you tired of where you stand financially? Ready to get a raise and make more than what you currently receive? Well, in this episode of GOBankingRates’ new podcast “Live Richer with Jaime Catmull,” we sit down Tori Dunlap, founder of Her First $100K and host of the Financial Feminist podcast, who teaches women and all age groups about financial literacy through social media, gives practical tips on how to increase your salary.

Dunlap gives insight on how to ask for a raise and how not to negotiate a salary. She believes a lot of what you need can be achieved just by knowing your value and having adequate preparation. A great way to know where you stand financially and plan for your future is by using tools like Personal Capital to plan ahead.

Listen to the full episode to get more tips on how to highlight your skills and increase your salary.

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The Live Richer podcast is a space created for people to challenge and manage their ideas of wealth, culture, and money across the world. By exploring money concepts from diverse voices, listeners will be inspired to build better personal money decisions. Bringing you the best personal finance advice to make more, save more and Live Richer.

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Jaime Catmull is here to help listeners like you cut through the clutter of personal finance advice that exists today to find the right information to improve your finances. Catmull is an advocate who empowers everyone to tackle the financial questions and obstacles they encounter throughout life. With eight years of experience working in the personal finance space at GOBankingRates, Catmull has amassed an extensive network of financial influencers and experts. Now, she’s tapping that network to get the real scoop on how you can live your best financial life and increase your wealth.

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