9 Remote Jobs That Pay at Least $30 Per Hour

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borchee / iStock.com

The pandemic might have been the biggest impetus for people taking to remote work in droves, but many people have since realized the numerous benefits of this kind of work. A shorter commute, less need for fancy work clothes, making your own lunch at home, and often — greater productivity.

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Finding remote jobs that pay a decent wage can sometimes be hard, though, because they are often coveted. However, they are out there. Here are nine remote jobs that pay $30 per hour to choose from, many of which offer training on the job.

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Virtual Personal Assistant

Lots of different companies and individuals need remote personal assistants, a job you can largely do from home. Virtual assistants tend to do a lot of administrative work, across a variety of industries and tasks. According to WeWork.com, VA tasks can include such things as: meeting scheduling, travel booking, keeping someone’s calendar, answering phones, some light bookkeeping, even things like personal shopping.

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Customer Service Representative

Another job that abounds in the $30/hour pay scale is customer service representative. Many of these jobs don’t require previous experience and will train on the job. You can work part-time or full time in a home office. As the job title suggests, you’re largely going to be helping customers in one way or another, most of the time by phone, but it could also be by chat, text, or video calls and handling customer feedback. Most likely you’ll be required to learn about the unique services and products your employer provides, and may interface with management staff, according to ZipRecruiter.

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Data Entry Specialist

Data entry may not always be the most exciting work, but it can be lucrative and easy to do from home with just a computer. A remote data entry specialist will spend much of their time entering information into some form of an electronic data system, according to ZipRecruiter. That may involve transcribing information, typing information in, transferring information from one system to another, and more. Data entry jobs exist in numerous fields, including health care, IT, retail, finance, business, and scientific research.

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Credit Analyst

A credit analyst position, according to Simply Hired, is mainly responsible for maintaining and collecting past due accounts. A person with this job will need to be good at customer service and working with people, as well as with accounts payable systems.

Duties may include sending statements and notices, helping customers remit payments, reconciling cash payments, and other kinds of credit analysis.

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Human Resources Generalist

If you enjoy working with people behind the scenes, remote human resources generalist might be a great gig for you.

Your responsibilities would include such things as: recruiting, writing policies, compliance issues, writing job descriptions, vetting candidates, conducting interviews, keeping employee records and organizing evaluations, to name a few.

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Claims Customer Care Associate

Insurance providers need a lot of people to help receive and process insurance claims, which can easily be done remotely.

Responsibilities would include taking the initial report after a loss, theft or damage; working with internal and external partners to support policyholders; administrative and other communications related tasks. 

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Remote Bookkeeper

If you’re a numbers person, and enjoy keeping accounts balanced, there’s a lot of room for you as a remote bookkeeper. Such jobs include day-to-day bookkeeping, working with account managers, overseeing financials and communicating with staff and clients.

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Employee Records Specialist

Employee records specialists are administrative professionals who handle or manage employee records within a company, often within an human resources (HR) department, according to Zippia.com. These employees may have key roles in creating filing systems and other management systems; organizing information or databases; and may be tasked to provide records upon request, as needed. They may work with both hard copies and digital copies of information. They may also analyze patterns or other data within these records and create reports.


Medical Exam Processor

Despite what sounds like a highly specialized job, you only need a high school education for this remote gig. Your responsibilities would include supporting an occupational medical team with document management and audit processing, outbound calls to labs and medical facilities, review of medical documents for meeting regulatory criteria, creating incident reports when there are service failures, as well as daily administrative support.

You may also have to assist with laboratory supply orders and audit credentialing programs for medical examiners. The good news is, you will most likely be trained on the job. 

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