10 Small Business Ideas for Moms

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Moms are in a unique position when it comes to work, because many of them are the primary caregiver for their children, or the person in charge of figuring out their family’s child care situation.

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Moreover, many mothers were harder hit by the pandemic because children had to school at home for significant chunks of time, forcing moms to get creative with child care, or worse, quit their jobs. But now, many moms are looking to get back into the working world or launch a new career path.

So, we spoke to experts who suggest the best small business ideas for moms, many of which can be done from home or remotely.

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Dog Walker

Jodi Soyars, an attorney with Soyars Morgan Law, recommends a dog-walking business. “It has a low start-up cost, flexible hours, and can be operated locally. You can also get started pretty quickly by using your network. Most people have dogs nowadays, so don’t be afraid to ask around.”

She suggests that it’s a good fit for moms because they can stay close to home while operating their business. “That means your kids are just a short drive away, in case you need to return home for something.”

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Freelance Writer

For moms with a gift for wordsmithing, Soyars said, “The best small business idea for stay-at-home moms is freelance writing. With platforms like Upwork and Problogger, the barrier to entry is low. With a little work, you can have your first writing gig within a few days.”

Freelance writing provides flexibility with your work hours, Soyars said. “This means you have more time to look after the kids. My advice is to work while your kids are sleeping, so you don’t get distracted by the shouting and screaming.”

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Parenting Blogger

Also in the realm of writing is blogging, and specifically “mommy blogging,” according to Steve Wilson, finance expert and founder of Bankdash.

“The popularity of mommy blogging has grown, and as a would-be mompreneur, you are probably well-equipped to enter the market. Mommy blogging combines literary abilities, creativity, motherhood, and child-raising expertise. The outcome is excellent content for other expectant and new mothers,” he said.

Through advertising and affiliate marketing, or paid subscriptions, you may be able to bring in a decent amount of income while helping other mothers navigate parenthood, too.

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Social Media Manager

Social media is not just a fun way to connect with friends, but a form of marketing that many companies take very seriously.

Wilson said, “As a result, managing social media is a fantastic work-from-home option. Small and medium-sized businesses, for instance, might benefit from social media managers’ assistance in managing their social media accounts and marketing campaigns.”

This may be ideal for moms with experience in digital marketing or who run active social media accounts.

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Bridal Consultant

Lastly, Wilson recommends that moms with a penchant for fashion and weddings consider setting up shop as a bridal consultant, the person who organizes every aspect of a couple’s special day, like an event planner or wedding planner.

“If you’re seeking a longer-term position, a wedding consultant may engage with the bride much earlier on to plan the food, reserve the venue, coordinate dress fittings, and other aspects,” he said.

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Tutoring is a great way to use your skills and knowledge to help others while also earning a competitive income, said Caitriona Marie, a private online tutor and founder of TPR Teaching. “As it is often done on a flexible schedule, it can be a good fit for moms who need to work around child care or other commitments.”

Moms can get started on a platform like Outschool and teach what they are an expert in. “This could be anything from essay writing or music to video games or the stock market. If they have a teaching license, you may like to participate in a reading program or homework help for kids.”

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Home Daycare Provider

One of the best ideas for moms of toddlers is investing a bit and opening a small daycare at their house, said Andrei Kurtuy, co-founder and CCO at Novorésumé, an online resume builder.

“You could hire a helper and use your child’s room as the venue. You could also arrange small activities such as painting, reading, and gardening for the younger kids. This would allow you to spend time with your toddler while also starting a business.”

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Home Chef

Additionally, since moms already spend a lot of time making meals, Kurtuy said, “If you are extremely passionate about cooking and baking, then…you could start a business where you sell your favorite cooked and baked items online.”

He added, “Moreover, if you are into fitness as well, you could start providing healthy meals since working people prefer to order healthy food through small vendors.”

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Franchise Owner

Franchises can be a great option for moms because they offer a proven business model and support system, said Linda Shaffer, chief people and operations officer (CPOO) at Checkr. Additionally, many franchises can be run from home, which is perfect for moms who need to balance work and family obligations

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Event Planner

One advantage of being a stay-at-home mom is that, in contrast to other women who are constantly busy, you have enough time to spend and use for yourself and your family, said Antoine Boquen, CEO and co-founder of Horizons.

“Imagine for a moment that someone has a need for an experienced professional who is capable of event planning. When such a person discovers you, she won’t think twice about employing your services as long as you fulfill the obligations placed on you and set a fee that is reasonable for the work you perform. As a result, event planning and management for third parties is a business opportunity that is suitable for stay-at-home mothers to pursue.”

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