These 10 Jobs Make Gen Z the Happiest

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Do you know which jobs make Gen Z happiest? Glassdoor’s August 2022 “A Change of Pace For Gen Z Employees Entering the Workforce” report outlined the 10 highest-rated jobs for Gen Zers and non-Gen Z employees including millennials, Gen X and boomers. The report rated each job on a 5-star scale, with a 5, obviously, being the best.

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Take a look at which jobs Gen Zers feel the most satisfied working in and their average national salaries.


10. Business Development Associate

  • Average rating: 4.28
  • Total salary pay: $70,176

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9. Project Engineer

  • Average rating: 4.28
  • Total salary pay: $87,106
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8. Credit Analyst

  • Average rating: 4.30
  • Total salary pay: $62,512

7. Account Coordinator

  • Average rating: 4.31
  • Total salary pay: $46,986
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6. IT Specialist

  • Average rating: 4.35
  • Total salary pay: $79,074
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5. Product Manager

  • Average rating: 4.40
  • Total salary pay: $127,438
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4. Data Scientist

  • Average rating: 4.44
  • Total salary pay: $123,763
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3. Social Media Manager

  • Average rating: 4.46
  • Total salary pay: $52,721

Ranked in the top three jobs which make Gen Z the happiest, social media management highly appeals to Gen Zers. This role gives them the opportunity to develop a strategy and produce engaging content to grow an organization’s online presence and put them on the map.

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2. Marketing Manager

  • Average rating: 4.56
  • Total salary pay: $79,739

Marketing managers rank in second place for jobs which make Gen Zers the happiest. As a marketing manager, Gen Zers have the ability to develop and implement marketing plans on behalf of the business. These strategic plans ensure the organization continues to attract and retain customers, new and existing alike.

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1. Corporate Recruiter

  • Average rating: 4.79
  • Total salary pay: $88,075

How did becoming a corporate recruiter rank first place among Gen Z? According to the Glassdoor report, the role of corporate recruiter provides Gen Zers with the most job satisfaction. It gives them the opportunity to shape how companies attract and retain talent and build tomorrow’s diverse and inclusive workforces.

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