Uber and Lyft Drivers Make the Most in These 5 Cities

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If you are an Uber or Lyft driver or considering becoming one, you might want to be aware of the most profitable cities for this job. As many people opt to become rideshare drivers in order to augment their income and increase their take-home pay, it’s important to be aware of the locations that cater to the highest salary for these drivers.

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According to Gridwise, in March, Uber’s average gross earnings per trip were $15.42. Uber’s competitor, Lyft, saw average driver earnings of $14.24 per hour. Additionally, the average tip for Uber drivers in March was $4.10 per trip and $3.80 for Lyft.

In order to make the most of your rideshare job, take a look at GOBankingRates’ roundup of the cities in which you can earn more than the national average as an Uber or a Lyft driver.

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San Diego: $21.73 Per Hour

If you’re looking to become an Uber or Lyft driver in San Diego, prepare for some of the highest earnings across the U.S., as this city’s average pay falls at $21.73 per hour.

While San Diego’s pay may be high, according to Payscale, living in San Diego is 47% more costly than the nationwide average. Commonly referred to as the “sunshine tax,” living in this beach city is expensive, and a higher cost of living may mean fewer profits after a long day of driving. While living in this city may be expensive, driving in it will be nothing short of picturesque with its stunning beaches, tourist attractions and sunny weather.

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The Bay Area: $21.61 Per Hour

It likely comes as no surprise that the Bay Area is the second highest-paying area for rideshare drivers, as the Uber and Lyft apps were born in Silicon Valley. The economic prosperity of Northern California alongside its highly populated cities along the Bay cater to higher wages for rideshare drivers and big tips for employees.

Unfortunately, the amount rideshare drivers are able to bank may be far less than in San Diego, as the cost of living in San Francisco is 94% higher than the national average, according to Payscale.

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Los Angeles: $21.23 Per Hour

Becoming a rideshare driver in Los Angeles is a smart move for current or potential drivers. Not only does this city have a higher density of people than most other cities in the U.S. — with a population of nearly 4 million — but it’s also an economic powerhouse that greatly benefits rideshare drivers’ checkbooks.

Also, Los Angeles is a tourist hub, and the demand for Lyft and Uber drivers is incredibly high. With a dynamic economy and plenty of activities and people to meet, becoming an Uber driver in the City of Angels might be a great career move for you.

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Boston: $20.88 Per Hour

In Boston, Massachusetts, Uber and Lyft drivers can make an average of $20.88 per hour. If California is not the place for you, be sure to check out this East Coast city in order to enjoy a high hourly rate and all four seasons of the year.

Boston offers such high pay due to the city’s high urban population and the academics the city attracts. Commonly referred to as the college capital of the world, Boston is home to over 250,000 college students, according to Boston University. The high number of academics and students in this city is beneficial for rideshare drivers looking to earn a little extra, as they can make more than usual in this popular metropolitan area.

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Denver: $20.54 Per Hour

Rideshare drivers should definitely consider living in Denver, Colorado, if they are hoping to earn as much as possible in this career venture. In Denver, Uber or Lyft drivers can earn an average of $20.54 per hour while enjoying a lower cost of living.

The cost of living in Denver is a mere 14% higher than the national average and far lower than any other city on this list. With high wages and panoramic mountain views, Denver is a desirable place for nature lovers and rideshare drivers alike.

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