Want To Work From Home? These Are the Hottest Remote Jobs Right Now

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Remote work has become a much bigger part of the economy since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, as offices and other work sites have either been forced or have chosen to shut down. The result has been a surge in work-from-home arrangements that continues with each new COVID variant, including the arrival of Omicron in late 2021.

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Many Americans like the arrangement — and many employers have little choice but to accept it — leading to rising demand for remote workers across many sectors of the economy.

A recent job analysis by internet service provider Ziply Fiber — based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Indeed.com and other employment sources — aimed to find out which types of employers are likely to do the most remote job hiring this year.

The AARP, using the Ziply Fiber findings, recently reported on which remote jobs should be in highest demand in 2022. Here’s a look at the Top 15, with projected job openings and average pay:

1. Customer Service Representative

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2. Virtual Administrative Assistant

3. Registered Nurse

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4. Software Developer

5. Digital Marketing Specialist

6. Tutor

7. Computer Systems Analyst

8. Graphic Designer

9. Web Developer

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10. Information Security Analyst

11. Speech Pathologist

 12. Translator

13. Operations Research Analyst​

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14. Occupational Therapist

15. Medical Writer

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