Salary Transparency, Cash Stuffing and More of Our Most-Read Gen Z Stories of 2022

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2022 was a big year for Gen Z. The oldest Gen Zers entered their mid-20s while the youngest turned 10 — a gap that encompasses learning to drive, voting for the first time and graduating college. The country’s first Gen Z representative was elected to Congress.

It’s clear from consumer trends to job market trends to the midterm elections that Gen Z has a major economic influence. As more of them enter young adulthood and the workforce, this influence will only grow. 

They also face some of the worst economic challenges as a financially insecure generation just getting their foot in the door. Wage stagnation coupled with high inflation has left many Gen Zers unable to move out, pay their college loans or even begin to think about homeownership. That makes financial literacy more important than ever.

Here’s a look at GOBankingRates’ most-read Gen Z stories of 2022:

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  2. Cash Stuffing: What It Is and Why It’s So Popular With Gen Z
  3. The Surprising Salary That Makes Gen Z Happy
  4. 6 Best Side Hustles for College Students
  5. 7 Best Job Interview Tips for Inexperienced Candidates
  6. 6 Best Cities To Live in for Young Professionals
  7. Gen Z Is Overestimating the Average Starting Salary by $50K, Survey Finds
  8. Surprising Ways Gen Z and Millennials Are Worlds Apart Financially
  9. How To Balance Your Lifestyle With Student Loan Payments
  10. I’m Renting for the First Time Since COVID-19 Began — Here’s What I Wish I Had Known
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