These Etsy Shops Earn Thousands Selling Digital Files — and So Could You

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If you’re one of the millions of people who browse Etsy, you’ve more than likely come across a downloadable digital file for one of your party, shower, wedding or weekend get-together needs. For those unfamiliar, digital files are pre-made, customizable forms like bachelorette party games, wedding/baby shower games, recipe card outlines, luau-themed decor and even stylized grocery lists.

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It seems like a simple enough idea, but the convenience of buying a file and instantly downloading it to your device has made the product a huge seller for Etsy. Here are a few of the top digital shops on Etsy, and how they’re doing it:


This digital art shop has had a whopping 138,000+ sales since January. Its printable artwork can be hung on the walls of your baby’s nursery, meaning you can print out the image yourself and then customize the frame to whatever color you choose. Abstract paintings are available, as well, with prices starting at around $7.

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And just to bolster success, they also offer shipped art for those who don’t own a printer. Find the shop here.


This seller offers vintage-themed printable scrapbooking kits here — and has already moved 64,704 units. Prices largely range from $2-$8, with various items including entire kits or individual labels for you to create your own custom scrapbook.

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Digital Planner Tools

Selling digital planners for everything from teaching to fitness tracking to parties, this shop has planners for virtually any area of your life. Plus, they can be printed or downloaded onto your phone or tablet. Entire kits are sold for around $14 or less. Fortunately, digital planners are an extremely large market on Etsy, and Digital Planner Tools has made nearly 19,000 sales.

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This seller also sells planners, but notebook covers and even customized Apple watch backgrounds are in their inventory, as well — which has seen over 21,000 sales so far. You can buy everything from a wedding planning kit to a cat owning planner, with prices ranging from less than $1 to around $16.

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If you have a good hand for drawing or creating digital art, now could be a good time to create your own passive stream of income with downloadable digital files to sell online. Travel planning and even COVID checklists could be a great place to start, as kids head back to school and adults are traveling more once again.

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Last updated: August 18, 2021

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