9 Ways To Get Paid To Sleep

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Many of us get paid to work at a job that we don’t enjoy. It’s hard to get motivated when you’re not passionate about what you do for a living. Luckily, there is an easy way to get paid for something that doesn’t require much effort on your part: sleeping!

In fact, some people get paid just to sleep and let researchers peek into their brains while they snooze. This research could lead to groundbreaking discoveries regarding how our brains function during deep sleep cycles and why it’s so important for mental health.

So if you’re tired of being stuck in a dead-end job or looking for a side gig, then this might be the perfect opportunity for you. Keep reading to find out how to get paid to sleep.

1. Eachnight

In its own words, Eachnight is a company obsessed with sleep. Eachnight offers guides on mattresses, bedding and sleeping on its website. Occasionally, the company posts sleeping vacancies to test certain products or carry out research.

Eachnight hires people to help in assessing the pros and cons of napping. All you’ll need to do is sleep and record your nap reviews in the questionnaire provided. You can keep a tab on its website and grab an opportunity whenever it arises.

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The salary for nappers varies. For an opportunity that was recently available, an article used for recruitment on its website noted that the pay for nappers would be $1,500 for taking part in a nap review for 30 days.

2. Hotel Mystery Shopper

Taking a job as a mystery shopper in hotels can be very lucrative. Thanks to the changing methods of operation in the hospitality sector, hotels have introduced a unique way to test their competitiveness through mystery shoppers.

As a mystery shopper, you pose as a regular client and undergo all the usual steps and processes as a customer. Your work is to observe the quality of service, customer relations, comfort and other clientele interests. Sometimes you may have to spend some cash for your review to be legit. But, depending on the agreement, the company may reimburse all or a percentage of your expenses.

After your stay, you make a detailed and honest assessment of your experiences at the hotel. The management then uses this information to better their services.

The average pay for a hotel mystery shopper in the U.S. is about $21 per hour, according to ZipRecruiter. Above all, this is a great way to enjoy five-star hospitality without paying a single penny.

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3. Sleep Junkie

Want to work as a mattress tester with handsome pay? Sleep Junkie is a good company you can work with. An article on its website, which was used to recruit applicants for an opportunity that was recently available, noted that Sleep Junkie would pay the selected tester $3,000 for their efforts, which would include evaluating and reporting on three mattresses over a period of two months. The article also noted that the company would give the tester a free mattress worth up to $1,500, which they would get to keep at the end of the exercise.

Since it deals with different qualities and brands, the company will periodically recruit. Sleep Junkie also deals with blankets, pillows and bedsheets, so you can enjoy quality sleep while getting paid.

4. Line Sitter

If you’re the kind of person who can sleep anywhere, then working as a line sitter can be a good option since you can take advantage of opportunities that involve waiting overnight. The job involves waiting in long lines on behalf of other people who find it hard to stand or don’t have time to do so.

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Some companies specialize in line sitting. A good example is Same Ole Line Dudes. These services are in high demand during events such as smartphone or game launches. People who want to be the first to own these new products go the extra mile and pay line sitters to wait in their stead.

With line sitting, the pay varies depending on many factors such as wait time, location and purpose. You can charge anywhere from $25 for the first hour, usually decreasing the amount as time progresses.

5. Overnight Pet Sitter

Working as an overnight pet sitter is one way people can pay you to sleep at your home. Sometimes, people face challenges with their pets, especially when going to places they can’t go with their furry friends. That’s where you come in.

You can create a profile as an overnight pet caregiver at Rover.com. People will pay you either for a single night or several nights to stay with their pets until their return. On average, you can charge between $25 to $30 per night per pet. Considering the fact that you can have more than one pet per night, you can earn quite decent pay.

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6. Hotel Blogger

You can start a travel blog where you will feature hotels at a standard fee. The hotels may also offer free services like accommodation or a voucher for later vacations. With most people using online reviews before making major choices for hotels, this dream job is a booming business.

7. Overnight Caregiver

As an overnight caregiver, your job may entail looking after the elderly or nannying. Care.com provides a platform for anyone who wants to find overnight caregivers.

Before signing up for these opportunities, ensure that you will have a resting time. In most cases, the job is all about looking after children. So, you’ll have time to sleep when the kids go to bed.

According to Salary.com, overnight caregivers in the U.S. typically earn between $14 and $17 per hour, and the average hourly wage is $16.

8. Sleep Executive

As a sleep executive, your job is to sleep and determine the efficiency of curtains, shutters and blinds. Interior designers advertise for sleep executives and can pay from $140 per day to $33,500 pro rata.

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The job involves sleeping under different conditions. For example, the company can ask you to sleep with blinds at varying light intensities. It’ll then note the effects of the scenario on your sleep.

9. Sleep Research Centers

There are several hospitals, clinics and universities that will pay you to take part in their sleep research. The payment varies as you advance with the study and can go up to thousands of dollars. For example, at the University of Colorado Boulder, participants pocketed $2,451 after about eight days of participating in a study.

Sleep studies primarily focus on factors such as brain waves, heartbeat and respiration. Sometimes the roles may require you to be sleep deprived. Therefore, you should be prepared to confront the potentially taxing conditions of these assignments.


Getting paid to sleep may sound unusual, but it can be a great way to earn some extra cash. There are myriad opportunities out there. However, before taking any of these jobs, consider any possible long-term effects on your body and sleep habits.

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Pay data is accurate as of Aug. 9, 2021, and was sourced from individual company websites, ZipRecruiter, Salary.com and CareerAddict.