How To Make Money by Searching the Web: Bing’s New AI Search Bar

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With AI becoming more lucrative, many tech companies are jumping on the bandwagon and developing their own AI tools. Bing has introduced a new AI search bar that allows users to make money online just by using the Web.

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Users can earn Microsoft Rewards points by completing searches, trivia quizzes or playing small games daily. You can redeem points for e-gift cards to retailers such as Walmart, Target, Amazon and more. 

How Can I Use AI To Earn Money?

Using AI to make money fast is nothing new. You can use AI to make creative content, troubleshoot code, draft emails and even create marketing campaigns. [2] Other ways to make money using AI include: 

  • Writing scripts for Youtube videos
  • Writing articles, poetry, or creative stories
  • Improving website design and SEO
  • Coding new apps or web extensions
  • Coding websites
  • Creating social media strategies 

AI is a tool that is only as good as the prompts you give it. Becoming skilled in prompt engineering can result in a bigger payoff in your business endeavors.

What You Can Do With Bing AI

Bing AI can create meal plans, vacation packing lists, help you plan a special anniversary and more. With Bing Image Creator, you can even generate digital art. If freelancing isn’t your style, then Microsoft Rewards can be a great alternative to make some extra income.

When you use Bing’s AI search engine with a Microsoft Rewards account, you can earn five points per search. Level 1 users are allowed 10 searches per day, and Level 2 users get up to 30 each day. You also earn points for every dollar spent in the Microsoft store. Completing small tasks can get 5, 10, or 100 points, and larger tasks can fetch 1,000. 

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What Can You Redeem Microsoft Points For?

While Microsoft points themselves have no cash value, you can redeem them for e-gift cards to large online retailers. Gift card amounts can vary anywhere from $5-$100. 

For example, as of June 23, 2023, a $5 Amazon gift card costs 6,500 points. Available retailers include Amazon, Target, Walmart, Uber Eats, Starbucks, Sephora, Spotify, REI and more. You can also donate the money to a nonprofit of your choice. Available options include the World Wildlife Fund, Unicef, Make-A-Wish and more. 

You can also redeem points on Xbox in-game items or to enter sweepstakes. June sweepstakes include a chance to win a Surface Pro 8 or $1,000 Microsoft gift card. 

Is Bing AI Better than ChatGPT? 

Bing and ChatGPT both use learning models from OpenAI, which is ChatGPT’s parent company. Bing also uses Microsoft’s Prometheus technology, which is what integrates Bing’s search engine with OpenAI’s natural language data.

Bing’s search and chat functions are separate, while ChatGPT is a chatbot only. The search function AI introduces itself as Bing, while the chat function goes by the alias Sydney. You can easily switch functions by using the buttons under the Edge search bar, after entering a search.

Unlike ChatGPT, Bing has access to all current information, while ChatGPT’s data is limited up to 2021. ChatGPT does not provide sources for its content, either, while Bing presents all its sources with every response. 

As far as which AI is better, it depends on how you plan to use them. Bing has more capabilities than ChatGPT, but ChatGPT’s answers may be better suited for some needs rather than others. 

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Final Take To GO

If you search the internet often, Microsoft rewards can start paying you for it. Or, start using Bing AI for your current side hustle to get more capabilities than ChatGPT with some extra coin on top.

Whatever you choose, make sure to stay signed in with Microsoft so you can start racking up points for free. 


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Bing AI.
  • Can Bing AI write code?
    • Yes, Bing can write code. If you get stuck programming, Bing can help with Python, C++, Javascript and more.
  • Is Bing AI free to use?
    • Bing’s AI search and chat functions are both free to use, and come built-in with the Microsoft Edge browser. To earn Microsoft Rewards points, be sure to log in with your enrolled Microsoft account.
  • How do I access Bing AI?
    • You can access the Bing AI search from any browser by visiting To use Bing AI chat, you must be using the Microsoft Edge browser

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