Sell Stuff Online: What Are the Best Online Marketplaces To Make Money?

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If you’re looking to make some extra money, selling stuff online may be the answer. Chances are, you have things around your house that you’re no longer using — things that other people may pay good money for!

Many sites allow you to list used items for sale, but your options are slim when you need to get money fast. Here are the best places you can sell stuff online fast and make the most money in the process.

Best Places to Sell Stuff Online

Marketplace Pro Con
OfferUp Can sell almost anything You may pay more to promote listings
Facebook Marketplace No fees Less seller protection
Poshmark Niche market, which is great for certain items You may end up selling on two sites if you have other items to list
Mercari Can sell almost anything More fees than some sites
Decluttr No haggling with buyers You may get less than if you sold items on your own

1. OfferUp

You can sell almost anything on Offerup, from your kids’ unwanted toys to a used car. OfferUp has a website and mobile app, making it easy to list your items for sale. It’s a free marketplace, so you won’t be charged fees to list or sell your items, with a few exceptions.

More From Your Money

Good To Know

Letgo was a top site for selling used items and is now part of Offerup.

2. Promote Plus

OfferUp has promoted listings that get 14 times more views than regular listings. You can pay for an item to be promoted for a period of one to three days, and it will appear in the top 50 items for relevant searches. You can also swap the item you are promoting at any time.

This subscription comes with a free three-day trial. Cancellations take 24 hours to process, so if you cancel, make sure you do so on the second day to avoid a fee. You can unsubscribe and resubscribe at any time.

Shipping Fees

While cash transactions on OfferUp aren’t charged any fees, there will be a service fee if you ship an item. This will be 12.9% of the sale price, with a minimum of $1.99.

When you list an item for shipping, be sure to list the correct dimensions and weight. This prevents the chance of your item needing additional postage and incurring higher fees.

Tips for Using OfferUp

If you want your item to sell quickly, use a detailed description that has searchable keywords. There is a chat feature you can use to negotiate prices and plan a meetup. Have your notification settings turned on so you can respond quickly to potential buyers.

Most items are listed for local pickup. If your buyer doesn’t have cash, you can use an app like PayPal or Venmo that issues an instant payment. Be aware of any fees you may incur by completing a non-cash transaction.

Keep in mind that OfferUp prohibits the sale of:

  • Alcohol, drugs & tobacco
  • Adult & mature content
  • Animals
  • Wildlife products
  • Counterfeit and replica items
  • Dangerous items
  • Recalled items
  • Food items
  • Gift cards
  • Illegal items or encouraging illegal activity
  • Intangible items
  • Medical & healthcare items
  • Offensive materials

Getting Paid with OfferUp

If someone pays you through OfferUp, you can receive your money fee-free using regular bank transfers. If you activate its Fast Deposit feature, you can receive your money instantly once it clears. The fee for this service is 50 cents or 1%, whichever is larger.

More From Your Money

2. Facebook Marketplace

If you have a Facebook account, you can access Marketplace through the website or app. Post for local pickup or offer shipping. There are no fees to list or sell items. You won’t incur fees for local pickups with cash transactions. Keep in mind that accepting payment using apps like Venmo and PayPal may incur a fee.

Merchant Account

If you sell on Facebook Marketplace as a business, you may pay fees for sales and shipping. Fees are taken out of your sales automatically before you get paid. Selling fees for businesses are 40 cents for shipments of $8 or less and 5% for each shipment over $8. Good things to know about seller fees include:

  • Fees are based on the total sale price, including taxes.
  • The cost of payment processing is part of the fee.
  • They apply to all sales on both Facebook and Instagram, no exceptions.
  • Your fees are reinvested into Marketplace to improve the buying and selling experience.

Keep in mind that, if a customer files a chargeback report, your transaction is placed on hold until the situation is resolved. You may incur a fee as a result of the chargeback.

Reminder for Facebook Marketplace Sales

Facebook Marketplace prohibits the sale of the following items:

  • Digital products or subscriptions
  • Weapons, ammunition or explosives
  • Animals
  • Illegal, prescription or recreational drugs
  • Tobacco products and related paraphernalia
  • Ingestible supplements
  • Adult products and services
  • Real money gambling services
  • Real, virtual or fake currency
  • Misleading, deceptive, or offensive items
  • Recalled products

3. Poshmark

Poshmark is best known for selling name-brand clothes, shoes and accessories, but you can list almost anything from electronics to unopened perfume and makeup.

It doesn’t cost anything to list your items for sale, but Poshmark does charge a fee for each sale. If your item sells for less than $15, Poshmark charges $2.95. Anything $15 and over incurs a 20% fee. Your earnings accumulate in your account, from where you can transfer them to your bank.

Poshmark Selling Tips

People can follow your Poshmark store, so if you list similar items frequently, you may get repeated sales. You can also offer discounts to customers who buy more than one item from your shop, boosting your chance for sales.

Poshmark Restrictions

Poshmark does offer guidelines that have restrictions:

  • Items that you list as “inspired by” a brand name
  • Medical products/medical claims
  • Used makeup and perfume
  • Counterfeit brands
  • Live animals
  • Misrepresented Native American art and fashion
  • Airline or airport uniforms
  • Cell phones
  • DVDs
  • Furniture
  • Appliances

4. Mercari

You can sell almost anything you have on Mercari. There’s no face-to-face meeting, so plan on shipping your items to the purchaser. Listing your items for sale is free and Mercari charges 10% on all purchases. Mercari charges an additional 2.9% payment processing fee plus 30 cents on each sale. Essentially, you’ll pay 12.9% plus 30 cents on each sale.

Other Fees On Mercari

Payments accrue on your Mercari account for transfer to your bank account. As long as you transfer $10 or more at a time, you won’t incur a fee. If you transfer less than $10, Mercari charges $2. If a payment is returned to Mercari for some reason, you infer a $2 fee.


Beware of scammers. If someone asks you to complete a sale outside of the site where your item is listed, decline. You’ll benefit from seller protection using some third-party sites to sell your items.

Regular transfers may take a few business days, but you can pay $2 for an instant transfer to your bank. You can use instant transfer for up to $500 per month. Keep in mind that, even though the transfer is “instant,” it may take up to 30 minutes to see the balance in your bank account.

5. Decluttr

Decluttr works a little differently than other selling sites. Instead of selling person-to-person, you sell to Decluttr and its team handles the rest. Decluttr may be a good option for your used books, technology and Lego-brand blocks.

To place an item on sale, first, select the appropriate category from the Decluttr website and search for your specific item. You can search by barcode, brand name or ISBN for books. Decluttr asks questions about the condition of your item and offers a price.

If you accept, you can print a label and ship the item(s) to Decluttr. You can drop items off at UPS for easy packing and shipping. Once your items arrive, the Decluttr team checks them and should pay you within 24 hours. You can choose to receive your payment via direct deposit or PayPal.


Do a quick search online for your item to see what the market is. This gives you an idea of what price to start with.

Keep in mind that, while Decluttr doesn’t charge fees, shipping costs and processing are taken into account in the price you’re offered. You might make more on other sites. The greatest benefit of Decluttr is that your sale happens quickly. You don’t have to wait for the right person to come along to buy your item.

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Sell Stuff Online: What Are the Best Online Marketplaces To Make Money?
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