Nerf Is Hiring a ‘Chief TikTok Officer’ Who Will Fetch a Hefty Monthly Salary

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Do you love Nerf and TikTok? Do you have a winning sense of humor and emit a steady stream of good vibes?  If so, pop onto the Hasbro Careers page because you might have what it takes to fill the new role of Nerf chief TikTok officer.

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Yep, that’s a real thing. Last week, Hasbro posted a job listing for Nerf chief TikTok officer, and it’s been trending ever since. According to that listing, the Nerf CTO is “a big title with some bigger perks — Nerf blasters for uh… research purposes, real money, and bragging rights for three glorious months.”

Whoever lands the job will work with the Nerf Global Marketing team to help sell more units of the squishy, spongy, iconic toy in all of its various incarnations — Nerf balls, Nerf guns, Nerf blasters, Nerf arrows, Nerf darts… Duties include creating content for the @nerf TikTok handle, helping identify the hottest TikTok trends and connecting Nerf activities on TikTok to consumer behaviors and trends.

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“We are looking for a creator who is a Nerf enthusiast, a TikTok extraordinaire, has good comedic timing, and knows how to use a ring light,” the job posting said. “Is your heart racing?”

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It certainly got hearts racing at certain media outlets, including AdWeek, which published an article on the listing the day it appeared. As AdWeek noted, the Nerf CTO will serve a three-month stint at $10,000 per month, with perks that include Nerf swag and the prestige of being the brand’s first ever chief TikTok officer.

An article on the Marketing Dive website said the job is designed to help Nerf establish a bigger presence on the China-based social media platform, which is wildly popular with U.S. teens. Hasbro is a newcomer to TikTok, with fewer than 21,000 followers prior to the CTO announcement. The toymaker had only posted four videos on TikTok as of Monday.

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