How To Sell Jewelry Online

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Whether you want to make money from your handmade jewelry creations or your jewelry box is overflowing with pieces you’d like to sell, you have several online options for turning your jewelry into cash. This guide can help you sell jewelry as a side gig or small business or find buyers for those personal pieces you no longer wear.

How To Sell Jewelry Online as a Side Gig or Small Business

If you intend to build a business selling your jewelry online, the following steps can help you choose a selling solution and marketing tools.

1. Define the Type of Jewelry You’ll Sell

Perhaps you already know the exact type of jewelry you want to sell. If you’re still unclear, it helps to define your jewelry niche before you start selling so you can better choose where and how you will sell your products.

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Do you only intend to sell handcrafted items? Or will you resell vintage pieces or fine jewelry? Defining what you will sell will make it much easier to determine the best place to sell it.

2. Choose an Online Selling Platform

You might be wondering: What is the best place to sell jewelry? It depends on the type of jewelry you sell and the volume. For instance, Etsy is an affordable platform for selling small quantities of handcrafted jewelry, but volume sellers might find the fees more affordable with an e-commerce solution such as Shopify. So you’ll want to carefully research several selling solutions and platforms before choosing one. 

Evaluate each option based on permitted products, fees, payment options, shipping requirements and any other criteria that will impact your business. Three primary types of selling solutions include the following: 

Make Your Money Work Better for You

3. Hone Your Photography and Writing Skills

Appealing product photos and descriptions are essential for selling successfully online. You may need to invest in lighting and other photography equipment and software. You can also pay a writer and photographer to create these for you.

4. Learn Marketing Best Practices for Selling Jewelry 

Once you have your storefront set up, you must promote your products. Some marketing options to explore include:

5. Form Your Business Structure

You don’t necessarily need to form a business to begin selling your jewelry online. But if you succeed, you may want to make your business official by forming an LLC or other business entity. Operating as a business may give you more credibility as a seller, provide tax benefits and enable you to get a small business loan if you ever need one.

Make Your Money Work Better for You

Selling Your Personal Jewelry

Not everyone looking to sell jewelry is starting a business. Here are answers to two common questions from people looking to sell just a few jewelry pieces.

Is Reselling Jewelry Worth It?

You’ll usually have to wait for an offer from a buyer to determine if your jewelry is worth reselling. How much you can make depends on the type and condition of your pieces and the buyer. According to Fox Fine Jewelry, expect to receive considerably less reselling a piece than what someone will pay for an equivalent new piece.

What Is the Best Way To Sell Your Jewelry?

Yates & Co Jewelers states that you’ll likely get the most for your jewelry selling directly to someone who wants to own it and wear it rather than someone hoping to resell it. This could be to someone you know personally or through an online marketplace like Poshmark or a consignment site like The RealReal.

Check with your local jewelers if you’d rather not sell your pieces online. It is typically better to sell to a jeweler than a pawnshop. Even if a jeweler doesn’t buy your jewelry outright, they might sell your pieces on consignment. If you can’t find an interested jeweler, then try a few pawnshops.

Final Take

Whether you want to sell your handcrafted jewelry or preowned pieces, you have several online options. Thoroughly researching the various selling marketplaces and e-commerce solutions can help you make the best choice for the type of jewelry you have and get the most for your pieces. 

Before making any business decision — from the selling platform you choose to the business entity you form — determine whether it makes sense for the type and volume of jewelry you sell and your plan for growing your business.