America Crowns Most Popular States To Move To — Are You Surprised?

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As the pandemic (hopefully) winds down, Americans are relocating to new states. A new report by MoveBuddha looked at proprietary data — in addition to Zillow Home Value data — to determine where people relocated to over the period between Jan. 1, 2022, and July 5, 2022.

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According to the report, these were the 10 most popular states in terms of relocations over said time frame.


Vermont is the 10th most popular state for relocators, with an in-to-out ratio of 1.68. The sleepy, largely rural state began seeing an influx of newcomers during the height of the pandemic.


The 9th most popular state is Wyoming, which saw an in-to-out ratio of 1.74. Wyoming touts affordable cost of living, and is considered good for businesses given that it has no corporate income tax.


Tennessee is the 8th most popular state, with an in-to-out ratio of 1.80. It’s an attractive location for people seeking low property taxes and no state income tax.

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With an in-to-out ratio of 1.84, Florida is the 7th most popular state. One of the biggest appeals of Florida is that it does not have an individual income tax.

North Carolina

The 6th most popular state is North Carolina, with an in-to-out ratio of 1.86. The state is appreciated for its mild climate and general affordability.


With an in-to-out ratio of 1.89, Maine is a favorite among residents because of its beautiful coasts, relatively low cost of living (as compared to neighboring states) and its low unemployment rate.

South Carolina

The 4th most popular state is South Carolina. This state is a strong player in terms of its affordability, boosted job market and classic Southern comfort food. It has an in-to-out ratio of 1.99.


Coming in 3rd is Montana. Big Sky Country attracts residents in part because it’s abounding in nature and endless skies (hence the nickname). It’s also easy to travel to and from major airports in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. It has an in-to-out ratio of 2.14.

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Alaska may not be known for its clement weather, but the state, which has an in-to-out ratio of 2.32, is booming in popularity — thanks largely to the fact that it has no state income tax or sales tax.

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The Aloha state is the No. 1 most popular state, with an in-to-out ratio of 2.41. Though Hawaii isn’t a cheap place to dwell, it is a famously beautiful and balmy location that features a more relaxed lifestyle than many other states.

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