$113 Million in Unclaimed Funds in Staten Island: How To Find Your Money

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Each state has an office responsible for record-keeping and disbursal of unclaimed funds. For example, the office of Thomas DiNapoli, state comptroller for New York, currently holds $17.5 billion in unclaimed funds, according to the Staten Island Advance. These funds belong to state residents and can be claimed at any time. In fact, around $113 million of the aforementioned unclaimed funds in New York belong to Staten Islanders.

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Where do the funds come from?

The funds come from various sources — unclaimed insurance money, legal settlements, or forgotten bank accounts. Most people don’t realize that they are potentially owed these funds. For example, those owed might have missed notices from banks or other institutions due to a change in address or other circumstances.

The state comptroller holds the funds

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Due to the volume of unclaimed funds, the New York state comptroller has an entire office dedicated to finding and returning the money. The goal is to return funds to as many people as possible, since the money is rightfully theirs. The office has already returned over $59 million of unclaimed funds this year.

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How to claim your funds

To check if you have unclaimed funds, visit the Office of the New York State Comptroller website. From there, click the “Search Now” button. After that, you can search the database by your last name, or organization name if you’re part of a business.

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