10 Biggest Companies in the Technology Field To Consider Investing In

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For investors, the technology sector has long been of interest. Software, hardware, cloud computing, web services, semiconductors and mobile phones all play a vital role in the contemporary economy, and for decades these have been among the world’s fastest-growing businesses. However, technology investments can be a volatile roller coaster ride.

That means a wise investor putting money at risk in this sector should research and choose carefully. To avoid volatility, one measure of safety in the stock market is size. In general, larger companies are more stable and tend to avoid big swings in revenue and net income from quarter to quarter.

What companies are in the technology sector? The following 10 tech companies are some of the largest in the world.

  1. Amazon
  2. Apple 
  3. Alphabet
  4. Samsung
  5. Foxconn 
  6. Microsoft
  7. Jingdong
  8. Alibaba 
  9. Meta
  10. Dell

Keep reading to find out more details on each of these companies and what sets them apart.

1. Amazon 

  • Revenue: $502.19 billion
  • Net Income: $12.11 billion
  • Market Capitalization: $928.45 billion
  • Exchange: NASDAQ (AMZN)
  • YTD 2022 return: -45.4%

An online retailer providing a platform for millions of third-party sellers, Amazon tops the list of tech companies when measured by annual revenue.

The company produces consumer electronics such as the Kindle reader, the Fire TV streaming remote, the Alexa in-home voice device and the Fire tablet. Prime, the company’s subscription service, is a leader in streaming services. AWS is Amazon’s cloud services division, with a big market share among businesses, consumers, universities and government agencies. The company has also begun building out a chain of physical retail stores to complement its online sales platform.   

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2. Apple

  • Revenue: $394.32 billion
  • Net Income: $122.03 billion
  • Market Capitalization: $2.332 trillion
  • Exchange: NASDAQ (AAPL)
  • YTD 2022 return: -16.9%

Apple has been a leading company in the technology field since its founding in the late 1970s and its first product, the Macintosh computer. While constantly improving the Mac and turning it into a global brand, the company has branched into music players, mobile phones, the Apple Watch, AirPods, iPad tablets and the Apple Store. With a market capitalization of more than $2 trillion, it is one of the most valuable companies in the world.   

3. Alphabet

  • Revenue: $282.11 billion
  • Net Income: $78.96 billion
  • Market Capitalization: $1.289 trillion
  • Exchange: NASDAQ (GOOG)
  • YTD 2022 return: -31%

A conglomerate with a big stable of tech subsidiaries, Alphabet is a multi-faceted tech holding company that grew out of the hugely successful Google search engine. The company has since created or purchased consumer-oriented services such as YouTube, Google Play, Google Maps and the popular Chrome web browser. Alphabet has also moved into cloud storage services with Google Cloud and online platforms with Google Workspace, Gmail and Google Docs.   

4. Samsung

  • Revenue: $241.6 billion
  • Net Income: $43.91 billion
  • Market Capitalization: $309.44 billion
  • Exchange: BATS Europe
  • YTD 2022 return: -29.7%

A Korean tech conglomerate, Samsung has attained a global consumer market in mobile phones, televisions, computers, digital cameras, printers and household goods. The company also makes semiconductors and critical computing devices such as flash and DRAM memories and high-resolution LCDs.   

5. Foxconn

  • Revenue: $223.78 billion
  • Net Income: $6.74 billion
  • Market Capitalization: $47.27 billion
  • Exchanges: Hong Kong, Taiwan
  • YTD 2022 return: -14.2%

The Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology manufactures computers and communications products, including hardware components for various laptops, game consoles and other consumer-focused gear. Foxconn is also engaged in the research and design of new components for mobile phones, laptop and tablet computers, digital cameras and consoles.  

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6. Microsoft

  • Revenue: $203.07 billion
  • Net Income: $84.76 billion
  • Market Capitalization: $1.865 trillion
  • Exchange: NASDAQ (MSFT)
  • YTD 2022 return: -25.61%

Well known for its Windows operating system, Microsoft is a leading software and computer services company based in Redmond, Washington. The company has business productivity, communication, personal computing and gaming divisions, owns the popular LinkedIn website, and operates a cloud computing division, Azure, geared to various business types and sizes.

7. Jingdong

  • Revenue: $155.18 billion
  • Net Income: $870 million
  • Market Capitalization: $100.27 billion
  • Exchange: NASDAQ (JD)
  • YTD 2022 return: -14.53%

JD is a leading e-commerce retailer serving the vast market of mainland China. The company serves as a platform for third-party electronics, household goods, appliances and general merchandise retailers. It also provides advertising services to wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers. JD Logistics offers supply chain solutions such as transportation, delivery and warehousing, primarily to clients in China.    

8. Alibaba

  • Revenue: $124.19 billion
  • Net Income: $12.85 billion
  • Market Capitalization: $241.92 billion
  • Exchange: NYSE (BABA)
  • YTD 2022 return: -23.8%

Alibaba is a Chinese conglomerate best known for online retailing and platforms such as Taobao and TMall. The company also provides shipping and logistics to Chinese and foreign companies and cloud computing solutions worldwide. Through several subsidiaries, Alibaba also produces media content, provides game and education services, and is involved in advertising and marketing.   

9. Meta

  • Revenue: $99.45 billion
  • Net Income: $35.13 billion
  • Market Capitalization: $321.56 billion
  • Exchange: NASDAQ (META)
  • YTD 2022 return: -65.9%

Once known as Facebook, Meta underwent a name change to emphasize a new focus on the metaverse, a digital version of gaming, community and business endeavors still under construction. Facebook remains the company’s principal online platform, but Meta owns Instagram, WhatsApp, and other online social and communications apps. The company has also moved into consumer hardware, such as virtual reality headsets, wearable tech and assistive devices.    

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10. Dell

  • Revenue: $99.45 billion
  • Net Income: $3.37 billion
  • Market Capitalization: $31.56 billion
  • Exchange: NYSE (DELL)
  • YTD 2022 return: -21.4%

Dell produces computers, servers, peripherals, software and support and deployment services for businesses of all sizes. The company offers data center operations accessible by clients for cloud and “big data” applications and provides storage solutions through its Infrastructure Solutions Group.  

Defining Technology

These companies were leading the technology field by total revenue over the last quarter of 2021 and the first three quarters of 2022. In the United States, analysts in this field often refer to the “Big Five,” which includes Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Meta and Microsoft. Remember that income and revenue will vary widely for tech companies, and a Big Five company may even lose money in some calendar quarters. 

Before diving into tech and committing your funds, research candidates and compare the trends in their income and balance sheets through a reliable information source.     


  •  What are the big five tech companies called?
    •  In the United States, analysts often refer to the "Big Five," which includes Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Meta and Microsoft.
  •  Which company is best in technology?
    • Some of the companies paving the way in the technology field would be Apple, Alphabet, Amazon and Microsoft.

Data is accurate as of Dec. 8, 2022, and is subject to change.

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