Who You’re Rooting For in Super Bowl LVII Says More About Your Financial Habits Than You Think

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Whether you’ll be rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles or the Kansas City Chiefs this Super Bowl Sunday, how well you score with your financial habits might be tied to your preferred team. Indeed, a new survey found that, for example, Eagles fans are more positive about their finances — but Chiefs fans are better at having emergency savings.

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The new Vanguard survey found that while many healthy financial habits are equally distributed between both sets of fans, there are some distinctions — such as 61% of Eagles fans reporting feeling positive about their financial future, compared to 55% of Chiefs fans.

Eagles and Chiefs fans are equally good in dealing with credit cards — with 72% of those polled paying at least the minimum amount due monthly. However, Eagles fans were a bit more adept at creating a budget and sticking to it (48% vs. 45%) as well as retirement planning, saving at least 12% of their income each year for retirement (Eagles fans at 38% compared to Chiefs fans at 35%).

Chiefs fans, meanwhile, are better at having emergency funds (73% compared to 68% for Eagles fans) and using services of a financial advisor or robo-advisory service (28% vs. 25%). Both sets of fans are equally good at financial planning.

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And just rooting for either team might be relevant to personal finances: People cheering for either Super Bowl team feel better about the future than their non-fan counterparts — 58% reported feeling this way vs. 42% of those who didn’t have a team they are rooting for this year, Vanguard noted.

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