11 Ways Warren Buffett Lives Frugally

Warren Buffett doesn't live like your typical billionaire.
  • Joel @ SaveOutsideTheBox

    Great thoughts Amanda. Thanks for sharing. Tips 1 and 3 are my favorites. They are two of the biggest game changers when it comes to becoming fiscally responsible.

  • FactChecker3

    These are wise rules to follow. Buffett is a genius investor, but a lot of geniuses are not wise. Buffett is also wise.

  • drT

    Buffett’s principles make tremendously good sense. While we may not become billionaires like Buffett, we can use them to increase our own relative prosperity. What’s wrong with that????

  • Iwontbefooledagain

    Yep, I’ve owned the same house for almost 18 years, my mortgage is a little over $500 and I’m satisfied to keep it

  • Jkbman

    “…with great interst rates…” Uh. Where do you find those? What about inflation? How do I keep up with inflation while “investing” in CD’s?
    Buffett owns exactly $0 of CD’s.

  • My boss met a billionaire that bought everything used: furniture, home, cars, and even his mobile phone!!!

  • og2dn

    I think Warren Buffet is a f%%%ing nut, having all that money and living like he is middle class!!

    • Kyle Benjamin Fishman

      Buffett actually bought a new cadillac recently.
      And his humble lifestyle is very much worthy of respect. Just because you have more money doesn’t mean you should spend more. You’d seriously rather see a Donald-Trump-like-billionaire spending money on frivolous things all for himself than an honest, genuine, humble guy like Buffett who gives to charity and lives below his means? I prefer honor and respect to materialistic crap. Simplicity is good.

      • Tashima LaTania Beach

        Thank u!!! exactly what I told my husband. He seems to think if we won we will never fly coach and get a private jet, buy a 10 million dollar home for location and security, and some other off the wall stuff. I remember where I came from and would alway want to hold on to my humbleness through being frugal. I would travel all over and buy a home but it would be Ryanair if in Europe or coach elsewhere and buy a beautiful home by the city. Smh just because u have it doesn’t me u have to spend it.

  • njp

    Money is simply a means to buy things that give each person some happiness (short-term or long-term). So Buffet buys companies, we buy nice vacations, BMWs, and iPhones. Buffet enjoys seeing his net worth go up, we enjoy the happy memories with our families and friends when we reminisce about that vacation in Riveira Maya or Greece. What is the use of all those billions invested because when you depart Mother Earth, you cannot take all that with you 🙂

    • Ken

      Yup. Money is meant to be spent. U can be frugal when u r poor or have not made your retirement funds and you should seriously consider buffets advice. But when u r so mighty rich like him and still frugal, whats the point of making so much money then? Just to fulfil your satisfaction of seeing the numbers grow?

      • Pavan Parikh

        I think its more like he’s trying to say he’s content in the way he lives he’d rather donate the money to the people who need it rather than him spending it on luxury. He doesn’t live miserly he lives in whatever he feels comfortable in.

    • Marinajkk

      Exactly! As I stated in my post, money is wasted on some people!

  • Marinajkk

    As though living this way is noble somehow! I agree with Sophia Loren who said that living like the middle class when you have money is an insult to them. What’s
    the point in having money if you don’t take full advantage of it? Americans have adopted a bum’s mentality. This reminds me of Ebenezer Scrooge who ordered a bowl of god awful broth because he was too cheap to have anything else. Once upon a time, when Americans still had a bit of pride and class, there was a saying. “You can’t take it with you.” Money is wasted on some people.

  • Customer Support

    Oh ye$, money money money. Warren made a killing after and during the Great Rece$$ion. Which huge bank (too big to fail, too big to jail) did Warren make a very lucrative deal with??? Hmm.