‘Captive’ Movie Star Kate Mara’s Net Worth and Rise to Fame

Kate Mara’s most recent onscreen appearance as Sue Storm in “Fantastic Four” was a commercial disaster that scored just 9 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and earned a paltry $26.2 million during its domestic box office debut. The fantastic flop, however, was a fluke in the actress’ career. Over the years, Mara has earned a reputation as a reliable — and profitable — actress in a variety of roles.

Kate Mara has been busy working to rebound, taking roles in upcoming big-budget movies, including another crack as Sue Storm in “Fantastic Four 2,” “The Martian,” “Man Down” and, most notably, “Captive,” due out Sept. 18. The crime drama follows the true story of Ashley Smith, a recovering drug addict who was taken hostage by a desperate fugitive murderer named Brian Nichols, played by David Oyelowo. During the crisis, the two broken characters bond over a spiritual book and find meaning and purpose in a desperate situation.

Film forecaster BoxOffice.com predicts the “Captive” movie will earn $5.5 million its opening weekend, with cumulative box office earnings of $14 million. Box Office Frontier predicts the PG-13 thriller will gross between $13 million and $29 million.

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Kate Mara Net Worth: $10 Million

Born into football royalty, Kate Mara is the great-granddaughter of Art Rooney, who founded the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Tim Mara, who founded the New York Giants. Kate Mara’s $10 million net worth, however, is the product of her own talents.

The actress had a breakout performance in 2005’s “Brokeback Mountain.” She later landed parts in “We Are Marshall,” “Shooter” and “127 Hours.” Mara also appeared in the hit television series “American Horror Story” and Netflix’s “House of Cards.” With these major roles it’s no surprise Kate Mara’s net worth is estimated at $10 million.

David Oyelowo Net Worth: $3 Million

David Oyelowo started working in show business in the late 1990s, when he appeared on the TV series “Maisie Raine.” Oyelowo’s $3 million net worth, however, can be traced to the last four years of his career, which included strong showings in “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” “Lincoln,” “The Help” and “The Butler.” Oyelowo is most notably known for his critically-acclaimed performance as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in “Selma.”

Michael Kenneth Williams Net Worth: $5 Million

Michael Kenneth Williams plays a lead detective who is hunting fugitive Brian Nichols in “Captive.”  Much of Williams’ $5 million net worth can be attributed to the actor’s trademark facial scar, which he earned in a barroom brawl. Williams said his scar has helped him land many roles in films. A great deal more of his fortune comes thanks to HBO, which cast him in unforgettable gangster roles in two of the network’s most successful shows, “The Wire” and “Boardwalk Empire.”

“Captive” Movie Trailer

The official “Captive” movie trailer shows Mara portraying a struggling Ashley Smith, who is given a copy of an inspirational book that she throws away. The book is returned to her and becomes a tool that helps her and her captor cope with the turmoil in their lives.

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