Check Out These Famous Animals Who Bank More Than Celebrities

These four-legged entrepreneurs fetched major dollar signs.

Fame can strike people — and creatures — of all shapes and sizes, but it’s especially remarkable when the one stepping into the spotlight does so on all fours.

Check out a list of seriously lucrative furry friends — and imagine just how much these pampered pets take home per paycheck.

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Grumpy Cat

Even a net worth of $100 million can’t turn this pretty kitty’s frown upside down. Known for her signature sourpuss pout, Grumpy Cat — aka Tardar Sauce — hit the scene over six years ago, stealing the hearts of all those who fell in love with her snarl. Grumpy even landed herself some serious endorsement deals — snagging the top spot as the official face of Friskies — as well as her own feature film, “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever.” Grumpy’s pout can be attributed to a defect at birth, and even though she might not be one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world, she very well might be one of the most fiscally-gifted felines.

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Conchita is a true heiress, even though she would comfortably fit inside most designer handbags. The little chihuahua scored a serious payout in 2010 when her owner, heiress Gale Poser, bequeathed the tidy sum of $8.3 million — plus a $3 million trust — to her perfect princess pooch. Even though she might not be one of the most expensive dog breeds, Conchita is no stranger to the life of luxury. Conchita was always the darling — sporting luxe diamond collars — but she does have to share: Conchita is one of three pups named in the will.


This stallion is a superstar with a commanding paycheck to cement his true “stud” status. A retired racehorse with a decorated track record, Tapit is now living the lavish life as a thoroughbred stud, offering himself up to fellow breeders for the tidy sum of $300,000 per encounter. With a net worth of over $35 million yearly, Tapit’s certainly living comfortably and enjoying retirement with some wealth.

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