The Cost Breakdown of Mom-Life for Beyoncé

It isn't cheap to be the Queen Bey.

It has been nearly two decades since Beyoncé hit the scene singing about “Bills, Bills, Bills” alongside her counterparts in Destiny’s Child. As this R&B diva rose to the top of the charts, she firmly cemented herself as a pop culture icon. But one thing is for certain — it’s not cheap to be Queen Bey.

This “Girl Boss” extraordinaire and modern feminist icon is known to wear many hats — singer, songwriter, producer, actress and businesswoman to name a few — as well as wife to rap superstar Jay-Z and mother to 6-year-old Blue Ivy and infant twins Rumi and Sir.

Lucky for her, the hustle also comes with an empire and some serious cash.

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Beyoncé is said to have a net worth of nearly a half-billion dollars according to Celebrity Net Worth — but being a modern-day Renaissance woman comes with a hefty price tag. Between the jet-setting, the awards shows, the outfits, and even the childcare, Beyoncé proves that in order to have it all, you have to spend like a superstar, too.

When it comes to her iconic style, the Queen refused to cut corners even with two little ones on the way.

According to reports from E! News, her lavish maternity wardrobe during her most recent pregnancy cost her over $53,000. For Beyoncé, the standard stretch pants and maternity shirt from Target simply weren’t cutting it — some designer items she sported on Instagram during her pregnancy included a $4,950 sparkly blazer, a $5,395 Dolce & Gabbana gown and a $2,008 blush trench coat.

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Of course, the stylish mama makes sure her kids are well dressed too. Blue Ivy has a designer wardrobe and has been spotted wearing a Swarovski crystal-adorned dress worth $9,000, InStyle reports.

But not every day is a red carpet. When she’s not out packing arenas and headlining showstopper performances, this mom-of-three dropped some major dough to have the best crashpad in town — well, three of them. The Carter-Knowles clan has three multi-million dollar mansions on two coasts to call home: a $2.9 million, five-bedroom cottage-style East Hampton mansion, a $6.85 million penthouse in lower Manhattan and an $88 million multi-structure compound in Bel Air, Variety reports.

And although Beyoncé is definitely an “Independent Woman,” she has some help with her babies. She reportedly hired six nannies at $100,000 each to help care for her twins, OK! Magazine reports. The magazine also states that she hired two separate caregivers for Blue Ivy. That means a minimum total of $600,000 for her childcare costs alone.

Even though the tally lingers somewhere above the million dollar mark, this superstar songstress won’t be bowing out from her lavish mom-life anytime soon.

“Out of everything I’ve accomplished, my proudest moment, hands-down, was when I gave birth,” she told Garage magazine in March 2016.

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