Kate Gosselin Spends Reality TV Money on Tummy Tuck, Children’s Education

Reality TV star Kate Gosselin was put on the spot by talk-show host Bethenney Frankel about what she did with all of the money she made from “Jon and Kate Plus 8.”  In 2010, TV Guide reported that Gosselin was making $250,000 an episode before it was canceled by TLC in 2011.

Gosselin Searches For Steady Income Source

Once the show ended, Gosselin appeared on a variety of reality programs like “Dancing With the Stars” and “Celebrity Wife Swap” as well as wrote several books. However, after her brief stint as a blogger for CouponCabin ended, Gosselin appeared to lack a steady source of income she could store away in a savings account to support her growing eight children.

Bethenney Frankel, who is a former reality star herself from the “Real Housewives of New York City” refused to let Gosselin evade her line of questioning during her interview on “Bethenney.”

“People want to know where the money went, where the money is,” said Frankel.

Realtiy TV Star Saves for Children’s College Education

After the reality TV star admitted that she “did have a tummy tuck,” which on average costs $5,241 according to 2012 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, she said the rest of it was stored away for her children’s higher education.

“The majority of what we made I personally took and put in a college fund for them, because they will go to college,” said Gosselin.

However, Yahoo! TV also reported that Gosselin had another luxurious expenditure on her financial record, which was the purchase of a 1.3 million dollar mansion. Gosselin herself acknowledged that where her children live is very important, and that she regularly supplements her savings by using coupons and avoids top-designer brands for her family.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons