Kevin Spacey’s Net Worth as ‘House of Cards’ Season 5 Hits Netflix

Star of the Netflix original, ‘House of Cards,’ Spacey has the bank to match his acting chops.

With more than 80 acting credits to his name, Kevin Spacey has achieved critical and commercial success on both the big and small screen. After more than 20 years as one of the best-known and most successful actors in Hollywood, Spacey continues to innovate and display his versatility. He helped usher in a new era of media content with his starring role in “House of Cards,” an original Netflix series that pioneered the original streaming content revolution.

He has been paid handsomely for his success along the way. In fact, he’s one of the highest-paid celebrities in Hollywood. Here is a look at Kevin Spacey’s net worth, earnings, life and career.

Kevin Spacey Net Worth: $100 Million

Kevin Spacey’s net worth is $100 million, according to CelebrityNetWorth. He earned $16 million in 2014 alone. Spacey has earned his fortune through consistency and a history of selectively-chosen projects.

He earned $1 million for just a few days’ work on the set of the second installment of “Horrible Bosses.” In 1998, he took in $4.5 million for “The Negotiator.”

Spacey also benefits from lucrative endorsement deals, including his role as the spokesman for E-Trade. It is unclear how much Spacey is paid for the series of commercials, but fellow actor Harvey Keitel recently sued E-Trade for breach of contract. Keitel alleges E-Trade promised to pay him $1.5 million to star in the commercials, but then abruptly fired him and hired Spacey.

Kevin Spacey Movies and TV Shows

Kevin Spacey’s first film credit was for his role as a subway thief in “Heartburn” in 1986. In 1995, the actor gained widespread notoriety and acclaim for his role as Roger “Verbal” Kint in “The Usual Suspects.” In 1999, he struck gold again with a starring role in “American Beauty.”

In total, his movies have taken in nearly $2.5 billion worldwide. He has appeared in more than a dozen movies that have earned more than $100 million in the global box office. Four of his movies have earned more than $300 million, including “Superman Returns,” which took in $391.1 million; “A Bug’s Life,” which earned $363.4 million; “American Beauty,” which earned $356.3 million; and “Se7en,” which took in $327.3 million. He is set to star next in 2017’s “Baby Driver” and the “Billionaire Boys Club.”

Kevin Spacey on ‘House of Cards’

His most recent success, however, has been on the small screen. Political thriller “House of Cards” launched Netflix — and the entertainment industry as a whole — into a new era of television, where streaming services like Hulu and Amazon Prime need to release original content to remain competitive.

The TV show was a huge gamble — one that has paid off and then some. Netflix reportedly invested $100 million into the first season of the series. Shortly after, Netflix stock nearly tripled.

Spacey earned $5 million for seasons one and two before nearly doubling his salary to $9 million for season three. For season five, the actor is rumored to be paid $10 million to play the scheming president of the United States.

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Kevin Spacey Awards

Kevin Spacey has won dozens of awards and been nominated for many more. He’s won two Oscars, one for his supporting role in “The Usual Suspects” and another for his leading role in “American Beauty.”

He won a Golden Globe for “House of Cards” in 2015 and was nominated for seven others. He was nominated for four Primetime Emmys, won a BAFTA Award and was nominated for three others.

Other awards and nominations include recognition for roles in “Consenting Adults,” “K-PAX,” “Se7en,” “Pay it Forward,” “L.A. Confidential” and “Outbreak.”

Kevin Spacey Personal Life

Born on July 26, 1959 in South Orange, N.J., Kevin Spacey was raised in California. He now lives in London in a relatively modest home — the only one he owns.

Referred to by the BBC as “the UK’s adopted son,” Spacey is a major player in the British theater scene and has served as artistic director of the legendary Old Vic theater for a decade. Widely credited with restoring the venue to its former glory, Spacey received an honorary knighthood.

Kevin Spacey, who is single, is notoriously private and keeps his personal life a closely-guarded secret. On a Lifetime TV interview, he once said, “The less you know about me, the easier it is to convince you that I am that character on screen. It allows an audience to come into a movie theater and believe I am that person.”

The actor is one of the most continuously successful and acclaimed actors of the past two decades. Eccentric and fiercely private, the actor has earned a reputation as a versatile performer and reliable box office draw — and his enormous and ever-growing net worth is a testament to his success.

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