How Much Will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Gorgeous New Home Really Cost?

U.K. taxpayers will help pay for the couple's home renovations.

Much like regular expectant parents, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are planning to upgrade their home to make room for their baby, who is expected to arrive in spring 2019. The newlyweds are leaving London’s Kensington Palace and are headed to the English countryside to take up residence at Windsor Castle’s Frogmore Cottage — except these two are preparing on a royal scale with a royal budget.

Unlike the average homeowners working on a renovation project, a budget is of little consideration when you’re the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Due to Harry’s stature as a member of the House of Windsor, he’s granted access to tap into the Sovereign Grant, a purse comprised of U.K. taxpayer money, to foot the estimated multimillion-dollar renovation bill. A spokesman for Kensington Palace confirmed that Frogmore Cottage’s renovations would be covered by the Sovereign Grant, and then interior and decorative work is expected to be paid for by the expectant parents.

Reportedly a gift from Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, the cottage is anything but shabby or tiny, as its name implies. The property holds sentimental value as it was the location of the couple’s private evening wedding party and served as the backdrop for their engagement photos.

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Details about the 19th-century cottage are closely guarded, but it’s rumored to have ten rooms and is reportedly under a much-needed renovation. As it stands, the property is currently a five-family unit and will be converted to a single-family home complete with a gym, nursery, room for a live-in nanny and yoga studio.

The couple is slated to move into the home once renovations are completed early next year.

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