Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Wedding to Cost $45M

Harry and Meghan plan to say "I do" in royal fashion.

Across the pond, many U.K. residents are eagerly counting down the moments until wedding bells are ringing at Windsor Castle. It’s been nearly seven years since the last royal wedding when Prince William wed Kate Middleton — now known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Royal devotees from across the globe have been awaiting the day when William’s younger brother will take his turn marching down the aisle.

Prince Harry and American-born Meghan Markle would definitely need a wedding fund for the record books to finance their impending nuptials — to the tune of 31.9 million pounds, which works out to $45 million, according to U.K. wedding planning and budgeting app Bridebook. GOBankingRates decided to break down some expenses for the upcoming wedding for a look at these nuptials by the numbers.

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Catering: $402,064

That’s the price the catering will command for this royal affair. The costs are said to be split down the middle between the formal post-ceremony luncheon for state guests and the dinner reception being held later that evening for the couple’s close family and friends, according to Bridebook.

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Champagne: $190,839

The cost of the champagne alone is enough for many non-royal couples to see their budgets bubble over. This estimate accounts for Bridebook’s standard measurement of “serving one glass of champagne for every 30 minutes of the reception,” as well as the royal family’s favorite bottle of bubbly: the $112-per-bottle Bollinger.

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