‘Regression’ Movie Stars Emma Watson Net Worth, Ethan Hawke Net Worth and More

Emma Watson and Ethan Hawke costar in the upcoming film “Regression,” scheduled to hit theaters August 28. The film features other notable actors, including David Thewlis, Watson’s costar from the “Harry Potter” film franchise.

The thriller is written and directed by Oscar winner Alejandro Amenábar. Among other films, the Spanish writer and director is known for his work on the 2001 horror-thriller “The Others,” which grossed more than $200 million worldwide.

In “Regression,” Hawke plays a detective investigating the case of a man who admits to abusing his daughter but has no recollection of it. The film is a cult-driven conspiracy film with a suspenseful story line. If the film makes its mark as this summer’s blockbuster thriller, its stars could bolster their already impressive bank accounts.

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Emma Watson Net Worth: $60 Million

In “Regression,” Emma Watson plays Angela Gray, a young woman who claims her father has sexually abused her. The film represents another effort by Watson to expand her acting repertoire beyond her work in the “Harry Potter” film franchise, a role which earned her millions.

In fact, her starring role in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” the two-part finale of the film series, earned her an estimated $30 million. As a result, Watson was named the highest-paid actress on Vanity Fair’s list of leading Hollywood moneymakers in 2009.

Since retiring her role as Hermione Granger, the 25-year-old actress has starred in movies like “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and “This is the End,” earned a degree from Brown University and has been appointed the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.

Watson has been recognized for her work as a young actress. She has earned numerous nominations for her roles in “Harry Potter” films, as well as for “This Is the End,” among other films. Emma Watson’s net worth is in large part owed to her success on the big screen. She is worth an estimated $60 Million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Ethan Hawke Net Worth: $45 Million

Ethan Hawke’s Hollywood career has had its share of ups and downs since he starred as a shy, fresh-faced student in the 1989 movie “Dead Poets Society.” But Hawke recently reaped box office rewards for his work in the 2013 horror-thriller “The Purge,” which cost $3 million to make and made more than $36 million its opening weekend.

The industry veteran, once married to “Gattaca” costar Uma Thurman, earned critical acclaim alongside Richard Linklater, who directed “Boyhood” and the “Before” trilogy. The last of the “Before” trilogy — “Before Midnight” — performed especially well in the specialty box office market, helping garner attention for Hawke’s performance in “Boyhood.”

For his work in “Boyhood,” Hawke was nominated for an Oscar. The actor is no stranger to nominations, however, having nearly won Oscars for his work as a screenplay writer for “Before Midnight” and “Before Sunset.” Owed to his film successes, Ethan Hawke’s net worth is estimated at $45 million.

Devon Bostick Net Worth: $3 Million

Best known for his role as big brother Roderick in the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” films, Devon Bostick is a small-screen regular on the CW series “The 100.” The actor has previously worked on horror films, having tackled an early role in the sixth installment of the “Saw” film series. Devon Bostick’s net worth is $3 million, according to Celebrities Money.

Aaron Ashmore Net Worth: $2 Million

Aaron Ashmore has grown up since his days as Jimmy Olsen on the television series “Smallville.” Since the show’s finale in 2011, Ashmore has made numerous appearances on television, most notably “Warehouse 13.”

Ashmore’s twin brother Shawn is also an actor and is famous for his role as Bobby “Iceman” Drake in the “X-Men” film franchise. Aaron, however, outpaces his sibling when it comes to net worth. CelebrityNetWorth puts Aaron Ashmore’s net worth at $2 million, compared to his brother’s $1 million.

David Thewlis Net Worth: $800,000

At 52, David Thewlis is among the oldest leading actors cast in “Regression,” though the actor has the lowest reported net worth, which sits at $800,000. Thewlis started his early career as a musician in a punk band and later transitioned to film at the Guildhall School of Drama. Some of his more famous film credits include his roles in “Naked,” “Seven Years in Tibet,” “Kingdom of Heaven,” “The Omen” and, of course, as Professor Remus Lupin in the “Harry Potter” films.

In “Regression,” Thewlis plays a therapist brought in to tap the repressed memories of his patients, unlocking a deadly conspiracy that goes beyond fatherly abuse. Watch the “Regression” trailer below: