5 Rich Celebrities With April Birthdays

Learn about successful stars who celebrate April birthdays.

There must be something about spring showers that helps so many babies grow into successful superstars. April seems to be a popular month for prosperous A-listers, so read on to see if you share a birthday with some of the richest April babies born this month.

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Eddie Murphy

Birthday: April 3
Net worth: $85 million

This funny man celebrates 57 years of life this April 3 — but there’s no funny business around his $85 million net worth. After catapulting to fame as a cast member of “Saturday Night Live” in the ’80s, Murphy transcended to household name status — and one of the highest-grossing actors of all time — with films like “The Nutty Professor,” “Beverly Hills Cop” and “Doctor Dolittle.”

Robert Downey Jr.

Birthday: April 4
Net worth: $260 million

The day after Eddie Murphy celebrates, it’s RDJ’s turn to blow out the candles. “Iron Man” himself was born under an April moon, celebrating his 53rd birthday on April 4. After suffering some hiccups in his professional career, Downey has ridden his meteoric redemption ride thanks to Marvel’s “Iron Man” series, capturing the hearts of many as inventor-turned-superhero Tony Stark.

Pharrell Williams

Birthday: April 5
Net worth: $150 million

Pharrell is a lot of things: one part of N.E.R.D, the creator of the Billionaire Boys Club, “Happy” and an April baby. Celebrating his 45th birthday this April 5, Pharrell has become a staple in pop and hip-hop over the past two decades, serving as a coach on NBC’s “The Voice,” winning 11 Grammys and creating a splash with works as a solo artist, a collaborator and even a producer.

Emma Watson

Birthday: April 15
Net worth: $80 million

The girl behind Hermoine Granger is about to turn 28 this April, kicking off a career in film before the dawn of the new millennium when she was cast in the role as Harry Potter’s best gal pal. These days, this April child continues to ride her box office successes by starring in films worldwide.

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James Franco

Birthday: April 19
Net worth: $30 million

Although he might be “The Disaster Artist,” James Franco is about to be “over the hill,” celebrating the big 4-0 on April 19. This wealthy funnyman got his start on the small screen with fellow famous pals Seth Rogen and Jason Segel back in the late ’90s with the cult-classic “Freaks and Geeks,” and has since turned himself into a Hollywood powerhouse with 29 projects on his plate between 2017 and 2019.

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