What Money Gurus Like Deepak Chopra and Robert Kiyosaki Have in Their Wallets

  • V.J.

    Are some of those pictures of their actual wallets?

    • Jane


  • The One

    Chopra is a quack. Look him up on Wikipedia–he scams money from un-skeptical clients!

  • catherine

    Chopra is a writer, a successful one. I don’t know about him being a quack… I began getting the idea he was a money guru, when he discussed M Jackson after his death. I emailed Chopras Center and asked, were poor ppl allowed there. I stopped buying his books, decided if I was going to assist the rich to get richer, I would choose very carefully. I do not dislike Chopra. Prove me wrong if his clients are not the Hollywood type and the wealthy, who can afford him! Btw, I did get an e,aol back, and the answer.was a.simple, ‘yes’.