How Rich Is Kevin McCarthy?


Amid the failure of six ballots to select a speaker of the House of Representatives, leading Republican contender Rep. Kevin McCarthy continues talks with GOP lawmakers in an effort to break the stalemate. As of early Jan. 5, McCarthy had secured 201 of the 218 votes he needs to take the speakership, Reuters reported.

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Democrat Nancy Pelosi stepped down from her role as speaker of the House at the end of 2022, leaving the House without a speaker at the start of the new year.

By some accounts, McCarthy is recognized as one of the wealthiest politicians in the U.S. The website CAKnowledge.com reported his net worth as $95 million. However, according to Celebrity Net Worth, McCarthy is only worth $300,000. Other sources, including the Los Angeles Times, report his net worth at a minimum of $81,000.

As a congressional representative and Republican House leader, McCarthy receives an annual salary of $193,400. If he is elected speaker of the House, that will increase to $223,500.

Born in Bakersfield, California, McCarthy graduated from California State University, Bakersfield, and went on to serve in the California State Assembly. He joined the U.S. House of Representatives in 2007 and has held the roles of party whip and minority and majority leader.

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According to CAKnowledge.com, McCarthy owns several assets in the form of luxury cars, as well as California real estate worth $21 million. According to his biography on the House of Representatives website, he still lives in Bakersfield with his wife and their two children.