From Brady to James, These Were the Bestselling Sports Jerseys This Fall

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When it comes to sports jerseys, fans prefer the classics.

The top-selling jerseys in the waning months of 2021 belong to the veterans. In fact, Fanatics reports that among the four major pro sports leagues – NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL – 13 of the bestselling jerseys from Sept. 1 through Nov. 1 belonged to players with at least nine years of experience. Three of the players are retired and already enshrined in their sport’s Hall of Fame.

The list of the five bestselling jerseys per sport includes several others who are sure-fire Hall of Fame selections, but until then, they have work to do on the field, court and ice as their teams pursue championships.

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So which players top the jersey sales charts in each league at the end of the year? GOBankingRates culled through the data to compile the top five for each. Read on to see the top-selling jerseys from the NHL, MLB, NBA and NFL.

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Top Selling NFL Jerseys

5. Mac Jones

4. Dak Prescott

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3. CeeDee Lamb

2. Josh Allen

1. Tom Brady

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Top Selling NBA Jerseys

5. Giannis Antetokounmpo

4. Allen Iverson

3. Stephen Curry

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2. Kobe Bryant

1. LeBron James

Top Selling MLB Jerseys

5. Shohei Ohtani`

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4. AJ Pollock

3. Mookie Betts

2. Aaron Judge

*Arbitration eligible and under team control through 2022; $17 million is estimated value

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1. Derek Jeter

Top Selling NHL Jerseys

5. Nathan MacKinnon 

4. Brad Marchand

3. Marc-Andre Fleury

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2. Sidney Crosby

1. Alex Ovechkin

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Editor’s Note: For some of the athletes on the list, they are playing their current seasons under a lesser annual average value than listed. In those cases, contract extensions already signed have yet to take effect.