See What 10 Powerful Women Finance Experts Carry in Their Wallets

  • Elyssa Kirkham

    Cameron’s wallet is really cute… and I can relate to Mandi’s hoarding of receipts. I usually try to clear them out every couple months, but I also want to save them in case I end up deciding to return a purchase or there is a coupon printed on it. I’m also a sucker for those stamp cards… I have way too many of those.

  • Bill

    I’m just one stamp away from a sandwich at To Gos. I’ve had that card since college though…

    • heavyw8t

      Channeling Elaine being one sub away from her free sub…..

  • Christina Lavingia

    I carry a gas card specifically for fueling up my car. Surprised no one else has listed this — if you get one with a popular gas company you can save a lot of money overtime through fuel discounts.

  • Alice

    Orman’s wallet carries the tears of everyone who fell for her pre-paid debit card scheme.


    Maybe a condom