12 Days of Finance: Who Is the Most Popular Personal Finance Expert of 2012?

We want to know: Who is the top personal finance expert of 2012? Some may judge a person’s expertise by the number of best-sellers they’ve written, or even the number of Twitter followers they have, but GOBankingRates is going straight to our readers for the answer. We know all of the biggest names in personal finance provide their followers with great tips and ideas, but whose advice is so compelling, so engaging, that they can boast having the largest and most loyal fan base?

Voting for the 2012 contest is closed, but you can vote for your favorite personal finance expert of 2015.

How It Works

Each day, beginning Dec. 1, we will publish the bio of an expert featured in our poll, along with the ability to vote for that person as “most popular.” There are 12 experts in all: Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey, David Bach, Ramit Sethi, Robert Kiyosaki, Clark Howard, J.D. Roth, Jean Chatzky, Philip Taylor, Farnoosh Torabi, Ric Edelman, and Liz Weston.

Robert Kiyosaki – now an expert contributor to Go Banking Rates – was our 2011 winner. Who will come out on top in 2012?

Voting closed on December 31, 2012 at 11:59 pm.

  • Tom Canavan

    I bet $10,000.00 against all of them to come up with a better proposal than the one I have posted to get to full employment, reduce the deficit, add to the GDP, remove people from public assistance and do it revenue neutral. The Jobs Mandate.org

    • Guest

      Come on Tom, that is the lamest post I have ever read in my life! FAIL!

  • What a shyster and sore loser.

    • Matt

      she’s a B

  • Four hours after her CNBC show producer Amy Feller Galant sent out a
    tweet saying, “No question who’s tops @suzeormanshow Vote for Your
    Favorite Personal Finance Expert of 2012” with a link to this page, Suze
    is still far behind hours later, so Suze herself just tweeted, “There
    is a website that is having a vote for the most popular finance guru
    (sic) They just want traffic for their site. I say don’t fall for it.”
    Now when she loses the poll, Suze can say that’s because she told her fans not to vote for her.

    • Matt

      I guess she’s still upset Robert kicked her Ass last year!
      What a B!

    • Glen

      Haha, she probably already knows that the personal finance community is on to her debit card fees so she wouldn’t win.

    • dale

      shes not a fave because she is accepting of the “normal” Kinds of debt. I’m for
      debt free is the only way period.

      • Owen David Welling

        What is wrong with having a loan on an asset with extreme cashflow, High ROI and a high debt service coverage ratio? debt in itself is not bad… but most people do not understand how to use debt to PRODUCE more wealth…they just take on a loan and make more payments.

  • Travis Pizel

    Over the last year Suze Orman has put on a clinic…..on how to alienate the personal finance community. LOL. She completely lost all creditability with me once she started pushing credit cards.

    • Jaime Catmull

      Why does she hate the personal finance community.

      • Travis Pizel

        I don’t know that she “hates” the personal finance community, honestly I’m just not sure she understands social media……not sure if you saw / remember the fallout from awhile back when Phil Taylor called her out on her pre-paid debit card…..she didn’t handle it well.

    • dale

      amen travis, she must be offering congress financial advice.

  • Karen C

    Decisions, decisions. They are all so wonderful. Hmmm. . . .

  • Joyce Waweru

    Robert kiyosaki has positively impaced lives in 3 rd world africa with his financial education

  • Robert is great! Very inspirational

  • Mike Berner

    The nice thing about Robert Kiyosaki is that he is a teacher. Not a guru, but a man that has a vast knowledge, and teaches his students how to think for themselves and prepare for any outcome. We learn how to succeed in both a Bull and a Bear market. Through his teachings and strategy, I am on my way to true financial freedom.

    • dave is also a teacher through his books and financial peace university courses!

  • Nicolae Bostan

    Robest Kiyosaki inspires me every day. I woke up every day with his ideas in my head 😉

    • dale

      does it bother you that he had to declare bankruptcy??? lol

      • denno

        he declared bankruptcy coz he deliberately didnt want to pay.. but those are all strategies he teaches in his books.. hint: when u fail to pay yo debts, yo assets and personal belongings should not be attached… so you walk away freely but only you know what mind game you have played! brovo Kiyosaki..

  • Charles Ezeh

    Robert Kiyosaki is the man! A man who is committed in ensuring other people become financially free irrespective of what it will cost him.

  • peter ganga

    robert changed my life…through his first four series,cash flow games,advisers series and radio shows..thankk

  • guest

    Love Ramit Sethi!

  • edafe

    Robert is the man…the others are just pretending…pretense does’nt help in the real world

  • Lena

    You forgot Lena Gott. ;=) Such a great list…I had a hard time choosing! Went with Ramit because he’s always entertaining.

  • Chris

    Robert led me to find that all money is created out of thin air as debt. Dave still calls this conspiracy doom and gloom when it is fact. Robert helps you think outside the box. My vote went to Robert.

    • Peter

      Thanks Chris. My vote goes to Robert Kiyosaki. He let’s you know there is good debt and there is bad debt. There is assets and liabilities….and there is what everyone has taught you to believe. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!

      • Owen David Welling

        Wealth is in your head!

  • Daves philosophy of being debt free makes so much sense!

    • Owen David Welling

      Sure it makes sense, if you’re not worried about picking up on changes and trends, using your Financial intelligence to adapt and thrive

  • Ramsey is my favorite, but I’ve heard many good things about Kiyosaki. Seems like the right two are on top currently.

    Some day I’d like to be on this list =).

  • DannyClover

    I really like listening to Dave Ramsey. By the way, “I am DEBT-FREEE!!!!”. I will look into the other names on the list. I don’t recognize a lot of them. I’m sure many of them have very good advice.

    • I’m DEBT FREE! I made my Debt free call on 11/12/10.

    • Owen David Welling

      Dave is the equivalent of Boot camp, Robert is AIT…. once you have the discipline, it’s time to become a CREATOR instead of a SAVER.

      • jugs

        I too am DEBT_FREE!! because I still rely to my parents. lolwut

  • “debt is dumb, cash is king, and the paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the BMW as the status symbol of choice” -Dave Ramsey <3 him for saving my life!

    • I clean a BMW dealership at night while i listen to Dave’s podcast.. I think its very fitting.

    • Owen David Welling

      if cash is king, how did that work out for those in the Weimar republic, or Argentina in the 90’s,,, or Mexico for that matter…..if you don’t see what is similar to today (in any economy in the world) it’s time to start asking NEW questions.

  • kissy

    dave ramsey is the man! we are doing daves plan and should be debt free by next Christmas! cant wait to call in and scream “WE’RE DEBT FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!”

  • I’m a Dave Ramsey fan.

  • Josh

    Didn’t Kiyosaki declare bankruptcy a few weeks ago?

    • That was only ONE company out of hundreds he has, to settle a lawsuit. You try to avoid it if you can, but there will always be people out there trying to sue the rich because they are too lazy to CREATE their own money. Having many businesses is an asset protection strategy for cases just like this. If someone sues you, you only lose a little of what you own, and not everything.

      • Kevin Chan

        Cannot agree more what you said. People just read the surface of the news, don’t understand the insight. Robert wins again!

  • Kimberly

    Dave is the one that makes sense. Listen to him and become debt free

    • I’d rather be wealthy with healthy debt, than debt free. Kiyosaki will teach how to use debt and manage the risk.

  • ShelleyH

    Dave “ruined” my life, and now my family and I are “saved” during these tough financial times. Dave Ramsey’s ideas and plans really work.

  • dale

    Iv’e been a Dave Ramsey student for a few years. Zero debt except the house and it will be gone very soon. His principals work. The US Congress should have a mandate stating all members complete Financial peace u in the first 90 days of their swearing in.

    • Owen David Welling

      How about we just balance the federal budget instead?

      • They can’t. They don’t understand what a zero-based budget is.
        P.S. Dave Ramsey rocks. 🙂

  • Korakrich Kuptametanont

    good debt is king –> Roberts

  • s s kohli

    debt is wonderful if used intelligently !

    • Common Sense

      Lots of Pit Bull owners will tell you that their dog is the most gentle thing around. Later, they are in shock when it bites off a child’s face.

  • Gordon

    Robert kiyosaki. Knowing what is the difference of good debt and bad debt.

  • jimmy wright

    I love what dave ramsey says and what robert kiysaki says …the rest of them I dont know much about them and I gues that says somthing about them. it was a close for me but I chose dave ramsey.

  • Anybody BUT Dave Ramsey. Sad how many people are financially uneducated. Yes, debt free instead of toys is good. But do Ramsey fans know the difference between good debt and bad debt? Why does everyone think he’s so great. He teaches simpleton stuff that anyone with a partially functioning brain, some awareness of how things really work, and common sense should know. And everyone should stay AWAY from paper investing and financial planners. That approach to “wealth building” is for sheep. Robert Kiyosaki has a much better understanding of asset vs liability and how to build REAL wealth and real self reliance.

    • Got screwed with Ramsey’s cash only method of which I had thrown away 15 yrs of good credit. Unable to buy a house, and have to spend another 2 years building a new credit score. Kiyosaki teaches how to use your good debt to build your wealth instead of sitting stagnant. AAA credit scores do nothing for you if you don’t know how to use it. I do now. On my way UP.

      • Kevin Chan

        Yours is a good example of Cash is not really king, Good debt is king…..or Queen for you my dear.

  • Татьяна

    Уважаю Роберта Кийосаки

  • Sanjay Barnwal

    Robert Kiyosaki is the best I would vote for. His way of defining the asset classes, starting early in investing are the best. He changed lots of people thought on how we view our house or other assets.

  • Robert is great. Not only he teaches finance but team, motivation, giving, etc.

  • Dave Herrmann

    Dave Ramsey’s approach to personal finance by teaching the basics works temendously well because so few Americans have even that level understanding on personal finance. By spreading the word and teaching basic budgeting, planing where your money goes so you work towards getting out of debt (because all debt has risk, so all debt is bad) and safe investing with a simple balanced approach.

    Too many people who think they know more and Dave is a simpleton try to overly complicate their own finances, debt and investing and get themselves into a mess every time the economy takes a dive. Following Dave’s plan to becoming debt free and building wealth allows you to weather the storms of a down economy and stay of top of the economic storms.

    Go Dave Ramsey!

    • Kevin Chan

      All debt has risk, but not all are bad. If one has more financial knowledges you can minimize your risk. Doing nothing is most risky, Robert said. Don’t see debt free means wealthy, it means you are nothing no gain or lose. it will not weather any storm.

      • Dee

        WORD Kevin.

  • Corey

    Mr. Kiyosaki owns over 100 companies one of which files bankruptcy.
    Dave’s philosophy helps many people get out of debt but does not teach principles of real wealth.

    • Chris Ewings

      Asset protection is why he filed. There’s always rediculous useless people who always come after successful wealthy people. I would rather bankrupt my corporation and lose 2 or 3 million than paying a 25 million dollar fine.

  • Steve O

    Dave is good for beginners who don’t know how to save money. Robert Kiyosaki is good for people who want to be rich and build wealth. There is a difference between good debt and bad debt. It’s called leverage.

    • denno

      Steve.. you know what yo really talking about… Most people think that every debt is a Bad in fact in my country here being in debt is a BIG SIN.. but with the power of leverage.. the sky is the limit

    • Owen David Welling

      Debt IS leverage… the good debt MAKES you money and the bad debt COSTS you money…

  • Pointluck

    The only thing I respectfully disagree with Dave on is he by his own admission gives “grandmother’s advice”. It’s good advice pre 1971 when our dollars were backed by gold. Not good in a Federal reserve zero interest rate environment Robert K. teaches good debt vs bad debt. Good debt such as cash flow assets is good in an inflationary monetary system. Bad debt such as buying crap on credit is stupid!!!

    There are cycles where stocks, bonds and real estate are good investments and cycles where precious metals, oil and other commodoties are better. Dave’s one size fits all 401k/mutual funds don’t cut it since the major stock indexes haven’t budged since 1999 and the dollar tanked 30 percent since then. My money doubled since I picked up my first RK book.

    How’s Dave’s plan working for YOU???

    • Owen David Welling

      AMEN! that’s the great thing about what Robert teaches… you will recognize the changes from inflation to deflation and the cross currents in ANY market if you consistently learn and apply as he urges you to do..

  • tyler

    I love robert kiyosaki teaching,i listen to him a lot.. He truly teaches how to fish and be preparing you to become a good investor, and unique advice about cashflow.ramsey i dont listen too, he bashes commodities as gold silver and copper.i disgree with his philosopy that stocks are risky, which he doesnt tell people that you dont have financial education about stocks,or doing any type of reasearch on a company,thats risky. Robert explains that get educated financially and get into a field that you like rather its stocks,commodities,or real estate, then those fields wont be risky.go kiyosaki

    • Owen David Welling

      It’s the Dealer who makes the money, not the DEAL.. your level of Financial Intelligence determines the RISK!

  • Tony DeFrancisco

    Removing debt is a definite solid goal, however, I am looking to create wealth and in that re gard no one is better than Robert Kiyosaki

  • 2012 chendo

    Robert is a great teacher

  • Common Sense

    Dave teaches simple stuff, but in reality hardly nobody does it. Follow his advice and you will be much, much better off than the average american. Follow Robert’s advice and you might be rich or you might be bankrupt.

  • Guy Raveh

    Most fortune in the world has always been created via Real Estate and the wise use of debt. Robert teaches about this and about financial intelligence. I vote for Robert.

  • pst joe

    robert kiyosaki is d man

  • Congratulations Robert Kiyosaki and everyone s Att
    Maria del Mar Delgado
    Sergio Criado

  • Chris Ewings

    debt free? Debt is the most powerful tool we have to build wealth. It must be used properly however. Unforutunately most people only get into bad debt, Buying liabilities with it instead of income producing assets! Cash is not king. CASHFLOW / PASSIVE INCOME is King!! Cash only depretiates in value. Robert Truly is the greatest man alive!! Kiyosaki all the way!!!!!

    • Steve R.

      Why can’t you use CASH to produce CASHFLOW and PASSIVE INCOME!!!!!

      That takes the risk out of it by taking the bank” a for profit organization” out of the mix.

      • Kevin Chan

        Cash to get cashflow is slower, less powerful to create bigger cashflow. The objective is not to avoid profit making like banks, but use borroe their power. OPM, other people money, move from left to right pay off your good debt and remain cashflow. Don’t let your fear or past failure to make you a emotional investor.

  • Jennifer

    Dave rocks! His baby steps helped me pay off a home equity loan 6 years early!

  • Black Mamba

    Robert is the true G!! Im making bank like cray cray with his sick advice!! VOte out to ma home slice Robert

  • Lori

    Actually Dave Ramsey is a TV figure, people. Do more digging. TV figures teach what “popular”.

    • Kevin Chan

      It doesn’t matter which is more popular on TV, is who is more actual successsful investor?

      • Kevin Chan

        …also Robert’s books are best seller, how about Dave? Robert’s seminar I attended was over thousands of people cost 500US each, Robert is worth 80 million and owns at least over 5,000 units of apartment, he is a true investor, how about Dave?

  • Emmanuel

    Robert Kiyosaki’s financial-education-missile is revolutionary . . . You are bound to change your financial-thinking-cap…RK 100/100!

  • Peter

    Everyone is talking about Dave and Robert and the common term between the two is the word “DEBT”. David teaches you to get out of debt and so is Robert …..but Robert goes further to tell you that there is “GOOD DEBT” and there is “BAD DEDT”. I am currently working to clear my bad debt and start increasing on my good debt through (positive) Cash flow!!. Very soon I’ll be buying Assets! assets!! assets!!!

    • Kevin Chan

      I think you are one of the few who got the idea!! Debt free is about getting out of bad debt, then get in good debt. Best of luck.

  • Nico

    Grande RObert KIyosaki!!! Te re banco!!! Hay que ganar amigoo!!!!

  • Martin

    I don´t know Dave´s work, but I do follow Robert´s closely. Being debt free, for me, is insane. Debt (GOOD debt) makes me rich every day. And I have $0 of BAD debt. If you don´t know the difference, you really should invest in your financial education, because it makes a HUGE difference. I am 37 years old, and if I continue to invest in cash flowing assets with GOOD debt as Robert teaches, I think I will be able to “retire” at age 42. And retire does not mean “doing nothing”, it means DON´T having to work for money. If I don´t have to work for money, I can invest my time in the things I really like (family, personal projects, etc.) Robert´s education has been a life changing experience for me, I owe him big time. I´m from Colombia, and look forward to one day meeting Mr. Kiyosaki.
    For those of you starting to follow Robert´s education, take that leap of faith and invest in your financial education. It is worth a lot.

    • Kevin Chan

      Excellent comments, thanks for support Robert’s think to help others.

  • Hannah

    Robert kiyosaki is the best

  • VZ

    Debt-free is great.
    Rich with 4-way income is even better.

    • Steve R.


  • GretchenInOK

    Dave Ramsey’s commonsense and often humorous approach to personal fiscal responsibility has changed so many lives for the better. Dave doesn’t shy away from the fact that he knows, firsthand, what it’s like to allow debt to cloud virtually every issue in an individual’s or a family’s daily existence. Dave’s “baby steps” to becoming debt free and staying that way can be life-changing in a positive way for anyone who is determined to free himself or herself from the all-encompassing burden of debt. I have the greatest respect for Dave Ramsey!

  • Geraldine Jay Torres

    Hats off to Mr. Robert Kiyosaki. He’s philosophy and techniques were great! I’ve learned a lot from him.. He’s actually a living hero when it comes to financial stability

  • Steve R.

    The good debt Robert is talking about is getting a loan to buy houses. One house might cash flow you 200-300 positive cash flow a month. So you will have to get a loan for 20-30 house to even think about quitting your job to retire early. LOANS Muiltiple houses is VERY HIGH RISK!!!!!! If you can’t find a renter than you have to pay that months rent. Is see forclosure and bankrupt in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dave Ramsey LOVES THE RENTAL HOMES but he takes the risk away. Buy the house with CASH!!!!! It’s hard work to save your hard earn money for a couple of years but JUST ONE CASH PAYED FOR HOME WILL CASH FLOW YOU 1100 dollars for rent. That 1100 rent is your money NOT mostly the banks. THE BORROWER IS SLAVE TO THE LENDER!!!!! I can own 6 houses and bring in just as much as your 25 homes that cash flow you 300 a month. After all YOU HAVE TO PAY BANK ON YOUR LOAN and I DON’T

    DAVE WINS MY VOTE!!! Dave takes the risk a way with good hard work. Rob try’s to get you to pay the system on RISK and use other people’s money. If you made it to this sentence then thank you for reading my mini book I wrote here

    • Steve R.

      Dave is in the business of selling crockpots not microwaves!!!!!

    • Steve R.

      I will take my money “CASH” and go to the court house and by the Robert followers FORECLOSURE homes. CASH IS KING.

      • Kevin Chan

        Robert do not have foreclosure home. He close one of his 100m companies to protect his assets. Cash is king temperory and if you make your cash work then you are the king.

    • Jamie

      What is good debt?

      • Steve R.

        No such thing as good debt!!!! Robert thinks borrowing money on things that can POSSIBLY make you money is a good idea!?!?!????
        BUT let’s say it a rental home and the renters stop making the payments to you. Do you think the bank is going to still want their money that YOU BORROWED? Once again cash IS king and NOT the banks”someone else’s money”. Have some self control and manage your money.

        • Kevin Chan

          Cash is NOT king anymore, continous cashflow is King. Why? Because the Fed is printing lots of money which is just paper for exchange of good and services. Robert said good asset print your own money, which means cashflow keep coming. Perhaps you should have self control of your fear and manage your risk.

    • Kevin Chan

      Dear Steve,

      I think Dave is a beginner approach but not gonna get you weatlthy. I have to disagree 100% of your thinking. Please allow me to explain.

      Cash buying requires you to save which takes time, which is also money time is gone you never get it back. Leverage allows you 10 times power of your money in return. Yes, buying with cash will have no foreclosure your fear), but you forgot the tax is higher so actually less cashflow. Also buying many single houses is dead wrong for both cash or leverage buying. Why? Every single house you own if rented is 100% if vacant is 0%, is the zero or nothing rule. Then what? Buy(invest) in multi-unit condo if you have 2 out of 10 vacant then is still 80% while you can still pay your loan, is diversifcation of risk. I recommend only buy existing mult-unit becuase you have track record of rent/vacancy so again minimize your risk using information.

      Robert Kiyosaki said “only listen to people who did it, not the people who have fear because of lack of experiences”,

      My story: I am still a regular company emplyee which started 4 years ago with about 200K to invest. I bought multi-unit which has 15 units, then I bought 26 units, then recently I bought again with 90% financing a 20 units condo. All are 40% positive cashflow. My income is much higher then my CEO now and I own total 5.6 million assets in 4 years only. If I use Dave approach I will still have 1 or 2 houses!!

      I hope one can understand buying in cash is alright but cannot create wealth for
      the same period of time. Dave is more about saving(maybe), Robert is a true investor. He change my life and many others. One have to not only read his books but actually doing it.

      Hope I help clear the differences about emotional investing and intelligent investing, stay open mind for knowledges. I am working my way to become Robert Kiyosaki”s coaching member, and happy to exchang ideas with anyone privately at kevinmiojp@yahoo.co.jp sorry for the long note.

      • Owen David Welling

        Leverage baby!… used correctly ROI is increased!

  • Alwed Ekka

    Robert Kiyosaki’s Financial Philosophy makes more sense to me. The simple explanation of assets and liabilities, good debts and bad debts, income and expense and good assets that put money in my pocket is very down to earth.

  • Christen

    I love Robert kiyosaki ,he is a great tutou.

  • Neither east nor west Robert is the best.

  • Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant is the best. So I vote for Robert.

  • Moni

    Robert Kiyosaki has changed my financial view and my life! Thanks Robert!

  • Al Moore

    I have a problem with those who try to tie their financial advice with religion.

  • ben

    great person he is!

  • Iris

    You have to be in debt in order to be rich because that is the way our currency is designed. You will not make money unless you are in good debt. GO ROBERT KIYOSAKI!!!!!!!

  • chett

    I credit Robert Kiyosaki for my financial success!!! I wouldn’t bewhere I am today withought his words of wisdom! As for previous comments regarding BMW, I own 2 and think that it’s just a car, nothing more! I’m a passionate driver & love it for it’s driving pleasure. I own a Toyota as well, and I love it too! But, I don’t feel any different driving the BMW’s!

  • I respect Dave Ramsey and think his advice is great advice for the average person, BUT, If you are ambitious and at all business minded, you HAVE to go with Robert Kiyosaki!!! Follow his advice and you’ll retire early with cash flow for life.

  • Jennifer Dav

    Dave ramsey taught me how to manage money rather than allowing the lack of it manage me. Dave Ramsey has changed how I think, how I behave and how I give, save, and spend. He also taught me that a credit score is equal to ‘worshiping at the altar of FICO’ and I am on my way to never needing a credit score again. Thank you Dave Ramsey! Grandma’s and God’s wisdom!!

  • Chris

    Roberts teaching changed my life. Most people are not prepared to hear the challenging concepts Robert teaches. Most people want a get rich quick scheme as opposed to changing their mindset and perspectives of such emotional topics. Most people would rather hear industrial aged ideals that justify their current beliefs and thoughts. Robert has been a great teacher to me over the past 15 years and has been key in helping me gain my own freedom.

  • Miguel Lazo

    You got to look Debt as simply another form of capital. You gotta ask: “what is the net return of the debt you are acquiring (used as capital) Ask your self this: Would I borrow $100K at 10%, to invest it and have the opportunity to get a 50% return?
    My vote is for Robert, he is simply at another level. His style is not for the 98% of the population, but for the people that want to become part of the 2%’s.
    If you wanna learn how to become rich, check Robert out!!!

  • Dave tells it like it is. Very easy for anyone to take in and use daily.

  • Dave Ramsey’s philosophies about debt have really been a good shift for my wife and I to make it a focus on getting out of debt. Because of reading Total Money Makeover, I have implemented the snowball debt reduction plan and will be completely debt free (except for my mortgage) by the end of next year. That includes student loans, car loans, etc.

    BUT, Robert Kiyosaki’s philosophies over the years about being a Rich Dad and Rich Grad and expanding my means, making money work for me, acquiring assets, have had a far more profound impact on me and my future. Robert has literally shifted my life paradigm on working, what success means, and what I can achieve. THANK YOU ROBERT!!!!!


    K-MON RK

  • i go for robert, even here in our country.. the teachings of rich dad has a tremendous effect in building wealth… the law of leveraging is a very special tool we use now it helps us a lot.. and it really change our lives… and agree that there is a good debt and bad debt… go robert we support you.. phil…

  • Never heard of Dave Ramsey. But when was introduced to Robert a few years back and reading his list of books. I made me realized that there is no such thing as debt if you understand your financial statements. Keep going Robert. I am here for you

  • Jose Astucuri

    Robert, el único, abrió mis ojos, es un tipo apocalíptico…..!!

  • Jane Mariz

    my vote went to ROBERT S……

  • Dee

    It’s great to be debt-free. I intend to be smarter than just paying off my debts – I learned to be smart with my debt from Robert Kiyosaki.

  • Dave teaches you the basics for being debt free. Robert teaches you the basics for wealth creation. As you use ‘both hands’ to move you forward; you will see great results. Remember the space shuttle uses two set of rockets to over come Earth’s gravitation pull thus one should use both to over come ‘bad’ debts ‘gravitation pull’. My vote goes to RK. AndruIvor

  • CarmenGabilan

    You are no.1 Robert Kiyosaki


    ROBERT KIYOSAKI SUPPORTED NETWORK MARKETING. Estimated Network Marketers in the whole is nearly 3 billion. ROBERT KIYOSAKI will win.

  • Jerome Francisco

    Robert Kiyosaki is the Financial Oracle of our TIME!!!

  • gotheng

    i love robert kiyosaki! 🙂

  • disqus_cKT7y225y7

    I really like Robert without his books I will never know that there is such things as rich dad poor dad, bad debt good debt. His books made me realize the true meaning of assets and liabilities.

  • Wael

    Robert taught me the way how to change my thinking before I change myself & taught me Money is just an idea.He’s really my truly Mentor.Big Salute to you Robert.

  • Jeff

    I Love Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn’s his book Secrets of Jewish Wealth Revealed! it was the best financial guide I got !

  • jonathan

    If this word know what truth is then there is just one that have tell the truth about it, and that is the BIG dad R/K

  • makena

    Robert kiyosaki is unmistakably the best…even few words of his can change your life, e.g the poor dad said id rather be poor and happy and rich dad said, id rather be happy and rich

  • Robert is the best

  • …as always, my long distance mentor Robert Kiyosaki has the touch of changing & influencing people’s mindset around the world!

  • steve h

    Why can’t i write in ron paul?

  • Francisco

    robert kiyosaki led me to find the way to financial freedom, two thumbs up!

  • fin4u

    Robert Kiyosaki is the Financial King; God; Guru; Czar he is the best by far; none can touch him period. His philosophy works. He teaches about the total financial independence. If you want results, if you want real financial independence follow Robert Kiyosaki.

  • Paul

    Never heard of Dave Ramsey!

  • ramiro

    go robert kiyosaki………

  • Dario

    Robert is the best!!! No doubt about it, he is interesting with all his heart to help you become financially free. His backgrounds and beliefs taught him that serving to others is the best thing a person can do.

  • Robert Kiyosaki, is my financial mentor, he is the best financial role model for 2012 so i voted him at http://www.gobankingrates.com

  • Anthony Perlas

    Vote goes Robert Kiyosaki. Don’t know the others beside Suze but I know she’s part of MSM. Other’s I’d like to add is Mike Maloney, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, YouTuber BrotherJohnF, Tom Woods.

  • Robert Kiyosaki still the best

  • Andy Williams

    Dave has great advice if this were the 1960’s. It’s not! Our grandmother’s world. We won’t survive with our grandmother’s advice!!!!

  • luzviminda

    I came to this team,for sure it can help me more to find money

  • umesh

    Robert kiyosaki is the best.. Others are not less anyway.. But only one chance.. hence Robert… – Umesh, Bengaluru, India

  • Henrikh

    Robert is the KING. With theories of Dave you never can get rich, if you don’t have money… in 2 words, what you will invest if you don’t have money, and don’t want to borrow it? Taking debt which will be under control of financial education will build you wealth. Thanks. Nice to see Robert’s first.

  • Dos Kuanov

    Congratulation Robert Kiyosaki !!! You are the Best. Happy New Year!

  • Ronke Akinnola

    I voted for Robert Kiyosaki because he is my adopted Financial Educator. He has impacted many lives especially with his bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad, with which he has branded himself.