15 Stores With the Best and Worst Return Policies

  • Nancy Baird

    I have NEVER had a problem returning an item at WalMart! I go to Customer Service, give them the item and receipt and they immediately give me the money.

  • Chris

    As a former sales manager in several department and big box stores, return policies are put in place with the best of intentions, but usually end up with the worst of results. Liberal return policies allow a customer to use a product, sometimes for quite a while, before deciding the product didn’t work out or s/he simply wants a new one of the product purchased. Many, many times my hands were tied because the return policy forced me to issue a credit or new merchandise six months or more after a product was purchased. Obviously, exceptions have to be made when a item is defective a week after it was purchased. But when an item such as a dress, handbag or jewelry is purchased for the sole purpose of one wearing to a prom or a wedding and then returned, or when someone brings back a beat up backpack because “it didn’t hold up” a year after its purchase, the store loses money. Less profit means less payroll, which means fewer jobs. Fewer people on the sales floor results in poor customer service, and low morale among the staff. In addition, many times large purchases are made during promotions in which free gifts or additional discount coupons are offered. When the return is made, the gift or coupon is rarely if ever surrendered, allowing the customer to shop with a discount to which s/he would not otherwise be entitled. Upper management more often than not will let the issue of the return of a well-worn item go, as the customer doing the return knows the last thing store personnel want is a scene. In some cases (which happens more than one realizes), the word “lawsuit” or “discrimination” is used by a customer to ensure s/he gets his/her way. Stores need to set realistic guidelines for returns, which are favorable to a customer yet maintain a level of business integrity. Policies such a “lifetime guarantee” or “no questions asked” simply do not work in a society that demands what it wants when it wants it, but takes no responsibility for itself.

  • MoonBeamWatcher

    my experience is the absolute worst! From “restocking fee” to refusing to
    make EXCHANGE of unUSED music CD’s nevrer opened! That has cost
    Worst Buy ALL my apliance purchases. Dorm refrigerators to TV’s!

  • opinionated_too

    You show 17 stores, but you don’t say whether they are good or bad.

  • Jenny

    I’m not sure why Macy’s is so high on the list, except that their return policy looks good on paper. I had two occasions where I tried to return an item, WITH receipt, within the allotted time period, and was told I had to return it to the Macy’s location where it was bought, and not just any Macy’s location. That’s difficult if you live in Dallas and a relative from New Orleans sent you the item as a gift. Seriously! I have to keep it or drive 9 hours to the exact same store? I thought it was a national chain. I haven’t shopped at Macy’s in 5 years because of that and I’ve instructed my entire family to never buy me things from there again.