12 Days of Finance: Who Is the Most Popular Expert of 2011?

We want to know: Who is the top finance expert? Some may judge a person’s expertise by the number of best-sellers they’ve written, or even the number of Twitter followers they have, but Go Banking Rates is going straight to our readers for the answer. We know all of these experts provide their followers with great tips and ideas, but who is the most popular?

This December, we’re asking visitors to vote for their favorite finance gurus and personalities to determine the top choice for 2011. Each day, beginning Dec. 1, we will publish the bio of an expert featured in the poll, along with the ability to vote for the best. There are 12 experts in all: Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey, Ramit Sethi, Stacey Johnson, David Bach, Jeff Yeager, Warren Buffett, David & Tom Gardner, Ric Edelman, Robert Kiyosaki, Liz Pulliam Weston and Clark Howard.

Who will come out on top? Check www.GoBankingRates.com December 1-12 to see who is featured each day, vote for your favorite and return January 1 to find out who is chosen as reader’s choice.

Voting closed on December 31, 2011 at 11:59 pm.

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  • David Kalter

    Jeff Yeager, the Ultimate Cheapskate, is THE go-to guy for financial sanity.

  • Robert Kiyosaki, defenitly, the best.

  • rich

    Size Orman, what a joke. Save your depreciating dollars and use it as toilet paper.

  • Thando

    Robert Kiyosaki the ultimate revolutionaris. He has no match in his league

  • Stanley Rico

    Robert Kiyosaki the best

  • ridho

    Robert Kiyosaki

  • Wisdom

    I vote Robert k.

  • bamidele

    Robert you are the man!

  • Lujjo benda

    Rich dad..robert kiyosaki…he embodies the skills of a great financial teacher n advicer not 2 mention his prophesiz…that come with vast experience…reading his books is a life changing xperience..thnx rich dad.

  • jagadeesha

    Robert you are the ultimate financial teacher. You are the master in teaching how to achieve financial wealth.

  • olatunbosun

    Robert Kiyosaki is the undisputed best financial teacher.

  • Нина

    Конечно же Роберт Кийосаки!

  • Patricia Guerrero, CPA

    Robert, the best teacher to teach financial matters to everyone at all levels. I agree, I life changing experience for anyone that reads his books

  • When it comes 2 insight on financial teaching, Robert kiyosaki it is.

  • awuto peace

    A motivator is a person who add values to people’s life.i apreciate all of them,THEY ARE MOTIVATORS.
    my vote goes to ROBERT KIYOSAKI.

  • samzion

    I vote robert kiyosaki

  • Very well written article, I like.

  • David

    I vote Robert Kiyosaki,

    Sincerely your studend Mr. Robert

  • Rich Dad

  • Christopher isaac garba

    Thank you roberth for all your teaching us what we should with our money and how we can invest it.

  • Ken

    Categorically the best mentor! He teaches, inspires and then you’re motivated to change and improve! And one actually sees positive financial results!

  • Ken

    That is Robert Kiyosaki!

  • Okuonzi Job

    Voting for ROBERT KIYOSAKI. U changed my thinking from seeking security to finding freedom! Can’t wait for MIDAS TOUCH!

  • Patricia Garcia

    Robert Kiyosalki.

  • I have been trying to find the time to study with Robert Kiyosalki and his team. Hopefully soon.

  • akindele

    No doubt it is robert kiyosaki

  • Chukwuma

    Its robert kiyasaki. Email if u not hapi. Chumaifedi06@yahoo.ca

  • Deepak Kr. Das

    just because of you I am chasing my dreams today.Thank you so much Mr. Kiyosaki.

  • Khethukthula

    You know its got to be Robert T Kiyosaki.

  • Fernando

    Robert kiyosaki

  • okechukwu ekemezie

    it will be robert kiyosaki today, tomorrow and many years to come even when he’s not around, difficult for another guru to surpass his works. muchas gracias kiyosaki.

  • Joel Ngwesa

    They are all good at money, but Robert Kiyosaki’s style is the best in persuading someone to leave the old thinking about money. Go to school, get good grades, get a high paying job with nice benefits is an obsolete advice that many parents teach their children.

  • zeeno

    robert kiyosaki it is. I remain ur student

  • Gee Giocce

    Of course Robert beats them all, hands down. Always so practical, even a rookie with Robert’s advice can easily make & manage his money

  • RKnoMore

    MJ DeMarco

  • ileh sunday danladi

    i vote Robert Kiyiosaki

  • adedokun adekunle

    Sir Robert Kiyosaki is in his approach on being your own boss, for me let give it to him, Kudos SIR

  • I voted R.Kiyosaki

  • Erick j k

    Mr Robert kiyosaki is always the best

  • Muhd solihin

    I voted R.Kiyosaki.U’r the BEST…..

  • Robert has been and remains my mentor and he has changed our lives.

  • Antonio Rodriguez

    I´am in Venezuela and I had bought all Robert Kiyosaky books and CashFlow Games. His advices change my life. He tell the lessons like a grand dad storys. Very captivating and simple. He is one of the best among others..


    para filosofar a serca del dinero, solo se necesita contagiarse de Robert.

  • rom

    My vote is for Robert Kiyosaky the best by far


    for every desireable behaviour,there is always a reward.In view of this ROBERT T.KIYOSAKI deserve it.BEST WISHES

  • I’m 71 and I’ve been studying investing for about 30 years, and Jeff Yeager’s “The Ultimate Cheapskate”, a book that isn’t even about getting rich, is the freshest, best look on the subject I’ve seen. He has one small chapter on investing, the last one in the book I think, that is the simplest, most sound investment advice I’ve ever read. But it’s Jeff’s whole other way of looking at money and financial freedom is takes the prize. Thanks, Jeff!

  • adedayo

    His book’s teaches more about reality than any other.if its teachings are mistake i rather be wrong for ever.kiyosaki is too baski

  • Ruth Phillips

    Jeff Yeager lives what he preaches – a good example to folow!

  • Marcella Ramirez

    Jeff Yeager teaches us how not to spend money foolishly or unnecessarily by reusing & recycling which in turn puts more money in our savings account.

  • Dafiri Scott Irimagha

    Robert Kiyosaki is the best to me. Popularity of opinion is not always the right index by which to measure correctness. In this case, I vote with the hopes that the best becomes the most popular – if he not already is.

  • Robert Kiyosaki makes a lot of sense and has change the way we think on network marketing and the power of residual income.

  • Cindy Eiritz

    Robert roolz!

  • progress soneye saheed

    robert is a great man that want to bring people out of mordernize slave. kudos to a performer.

  • Roberts, has realy impacted on we africans in a tremendious ways. Through his books i have learn how to become financially free. Thank God for him.

  • My vote is for Robert Kiyosaki for his works for their efforts so that all people know not to be poor, to fight the economic well-being and overcome poverty. For each man determines his destiny by creating wealth through hard work and commitment.

  • Michaela Stranovska

    Robert Kiyosaki with his books effected me a lot and showed me that my endeavour for MLM Amway is valid. I thatks him a lot, because I get improvement in personal and business life.

  • I like Jeff Yeager because he is friendly & humble despite his success. I had the opportunity to hear him speak in person. What a great guy with amazing money saving advice.

  • Jeanni Winston-Muir

    Jeff Yeager – his advice and insights are practical, simple, and easily applied by all! He walks the talk and is always interested in sharing his knowledge!

    What a keeper!

  • Robert T Kiyosaki is the most well known financial adviser,mentor and guru of this era…a man with God”s own signature…

  • TaylorBM

    Dave Ramsey all the way!! Proverbs 22:7 the borrower IS slave to the lender. OPM haha