Five Huge 2013 Tax Law Changes That Will Impact Your Bank Account in a Big Way

You may not realize it, but your take-home pay is going to decrease significantly on January 1, 2013. In fact, some are already referring to 2013 as “Taxmageddon.”

According to the New York Times, new tax laws will hit the middle class especially hard, reducing “after-tax income for the median household” to 1998 levels  (adjusting for inflation).

Unless Congress acts to pass changes in the tax law before this date arrives, all wage earners, as well as self-employed individuals and independent contractors, will be hit hard in multiple ways by these changes. Understanding what these tax changes are and how they may affect you will help you to plan and budget accordingly for the coming year.

New Tax Laws for 2013

1. Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) and Medicare

If you are a salaried or hourly employee, your employer deducts FICA and Medicare withholdings from each of your paychecks. The FICA withholding rate is currently 4.2 percent for the first $110,100 earned per taxpayer for 2012. This figure will increase up to 6.2 percent for 2013.

Furthermore, it is anticipated that it will be applied to the first $112,500 earned per taxpayer. The Medicare withholding rate is currently at 1.45 percent, and this will increase to 2.35 percent for 2013.* There is not an income limit in place for Medicare taxes. This means you can expect the U.S. government to take an additional $3,403 in FICA and Medicare taxes from you in 2013 for the first $112,500 you earn, which equates almost to $300 per month.

It should be noted that self-employed individuals are not exempt from this tax increase. This is because these changes will result in changes to the self-employment tax that all independent contractors and self-employed individuals are responsible for.

In addition to the changes associated with FICA and Medicare for 2013, there are also a number of key changes regarding tax deductions and exemptions that will affect millions of U.S. taxpayers.

2. Personal Exemption and Itemized Deductions

Phasing out the $3,800 personal exemption for higher income taxpayers is one change to come about in 2013. The income level for the phase out has not been announced, but it is believed to be around $174,000 for single taxpayers and around $261,000 for taxpayers who file under the status of married filing jointly. The standard deduction for married couples who don’t itemize deductions will decrease from $11,900 currently to $9,900.

3. Qualifying for Medical and Dental Expense Deductible

It will become harder to qualify for the medical and dental expense deductible in 2013. Currently, taxpayers are permitted to deduct qualified medical and dental expenses that exceed 7.5 percent of their adjusted gross income.

In 2013, only those who are age 65 and older will enjoy the 7.5 percent AGI limit. Those under age 65 will only be allowed to deduct medical and dental expenses that exceed 10 percent of their adjusted gross income.

4. Dependent Care and Child Credits

Dependent care tax credits will decrease from $3,000 to $2,400 in 2013. The childcare credit will decrease from $1,000 to $500 per child. Furthermore, the childcare credit will not be permitted for calculation with the alternative minimum tax, and there will be a phase out on earned income tax credits based on the number of qualifying children.

5. Students Loans

Adjustments to the student loan interest deduction will go into effect in 2013. According to there will be a 60 month phase out period, and the amount of the student loan interest deduction will be limited for those who earn $50,000 or more in adjusted gross income as an individual filer, or $75,000 or more in AGI as a married couple filing jointly.

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These are some of the most significant changes that are planned for the 2013 tax year. It is important to understand how these changes will affect your paycheck. This can help you to plan your monthly budget for changes to your take-home pay, and it can help you to make adjustments to your withholdings so that you avoid having a huge tax liability at the end of the 2013 tax year.

See the Results of the Fiscal Cliff Tax Negotiations

Ryan Devereux, a freelance financial blogger, believes in understanding the facts before making any financial decisions, from tax planning to choosing a career.

See the references used in this article.

*11/14/12 Update: The original version of this article did not specify that the increase in Medicare taxes applies to taxpayers who earn an excess of $200,000 annually, or $250,000 if married and filing jointly.

  • 8

    Greece here we come!

  • Pam Rudd

    So, Kathryn York Zorning – you say everyone that does not have health care will pay a fine every single month you don’t have health care – Does this include the 20 year that has never worked, has 4 children, that me and every other tax payer is taking care of, but only files her taxes so she can get all the credits and get her refund check? I tired of paying for everyone else – these people need to stop having children and a law needs to be put in place to address that.

    • freedumfraud

      glad the middle class wasn’t hurt by the election?

    • Mack at Night 2000

      Yes. They go in these tax prep places and lie saying they do Hair at home. Fill out a couple of forms and then get 6-7 thousand dollars back. They also get welfare and food stamps all year long. I bust my rump on a job making 34,000.00 a year and only get back 2,500.00. And they say Honesty is the best policy. The kids are MONEY MAKING DEVICES and the women that do this use that VA**** to “GET THAT MONEY”. its all a scam to get A WHOLE LOT OF SOMETHING FOR GIVING A LITTLE BIT OF NOTHING. I agree with you 100% on this one Mrs Pam Rudd.

  • ohn

    thank to all you obama supporters

  • paul

    these bush tax cuts expiration will bring
    in around 600-800 billion dollars over a
    ten year period. furthermore, we need to
    cut spending to balance the federal budgets too. The afghan war costed about
    one billion dollars monthly. the replacement cost of these military hardware
    will extremely high given the desert environment which they were operating right
    now. also, one of five veterans are coming back with PTSD. their caring cost
    will strain the pentagon budgets for years
    to come. all in all, it is a difficult
    situation regardless who is the president.
    we got in this situation ten years ago.
    we will not be able to get out tomorrow.
    world war 11 enabled this country to get
    out of the 1929 depression.

  • Yafit

    an average med insurance cost to business per person about
    5K-20K depending on the plan.
    Why would a business pay that much if they can get away with $2k penalty?
    How can a plan that cost $2k provide the same care as a plan that cost


    For the 10% of people that did not have insurance (5% chose not to have)
    They changed the Medical structure for 90% of the people !

    Where is the logic????

  • Colleen Murphy

    This is how it was before the Bush cuts that got us into this mess and now we have health care even if we have pre-existing. It has nothing to do with President Obama, they were due to expire. It was a temporary measure. I guess it’s sour grapes that the zillionaire super pacs couldn’t buy the election. I guess a lot you drank their Kool-aid. Luckily the independent thinkers won and didn’t get bought.

    • Jennifer Fike

      LOL the joke’s on you. If you voted for Obama you played right into their hands. How does the Kool-aid taste?

      • Now Bush Supporters Complain

        You sound like a child in a monkey cage J.F. You must be a former Bush supporter???? One of those that wants to sit up and complain now that you must suffer for what your previous votes has cost you. I’m sure Collen’s Kool-aid is tasting pretty good right now considering that she sounds like she has sense and you sound angry and bitter that you were humiliated by supporting the loser that put us in this situation. I guess you wanted Romney to get the seat? Well he didn’t and if he did we would be in bigger trouble; because he was an even bigger idiot than Bush and he did it with a smile on his face. So I think you better get a tall glass because you’re going to be drinking a lot of that awful Kool-aid you helped whipped up.

      • very pissed

        Everyone might as well shut up! I don’t see any of you @s5holes trying to change america. The thing is welfare does come in handy for those ppl who really need it. But I mean what the hell are we pose to do when these tight ass white ppl don’t want to give us jobs and let us get anywhere in life that’s not our faults shit lil do they know majority of everything ever built was by black ppl sh!x everything the black man made the white man shole from us and put their name on it. I’m glad there is a black man in officeif it wasn’t for the white man bein in congress not wanting to passny of the bills our country would be just fine!

  • Jerry Black

    “Independent thinkers”, is that the new name for
    Socialist/Communist? Colleen, it is apparant that you don’t remember that “great” Dodd and Frank Housing Bill that was pushed through by these two Marxists back during the early years of the Bush Administration. President Bush warned Congress frequently that “Fanny May and Freddie Mac” was dangerous to our country because of forcing lending institutions to give home loans to people that could not afford them.
    Now do you remember what happened to the housing market? The housing markey collapse was caused by the Marxist Democrats in Bush’s administration.By the way, the Marxist Democrats
    controlled both the Senate and the House for the last two years of Bush’s Administration. I suppose you forgot about that too. Oh yes, one more thing, I spent many years in the U.S. Air Force fighting against communism in the 1950s,1960s and 1970s and you Democrat clowns have now allowed them to come through the “back door” and take our country and place a Marxist in as President! In my opinion, that is treason!

    • Hitlinks

      I was looking for information about changes in the tax code and found this blog. I find it very interesting that all of these comments are here but since they are here is my unsolicited observation. It doesn’t really matter if one agrees or not the comments below are facts. If you read about the Fannie Mays and Freddie Macs when Clinton was in office you will see that it was he and his administration that started this fiscal landslide. He was the one that convinced the big banks to find away in which everybody could afford to buy a home. What they didn’t bother to share with the people taking on these big mortgages was that when the short low/no interest term ended they would have to pay the fully amortized amount on their mortgages. The American public was misled into believing they would be able to afford this. They didn’t bother to do their homework and ask themselves the big question, “Will I be able to afford this home in 3-5 years at the fully amortized rate once this honeymoon period is over?” No, they didn’t. Lenders were happy to take their money and not explain this. When it is all said and done, Bush inherited the mess too. So don’t place the blame on him either.

  • Bojangles

    Maybe Colleen Murphy doesn’t want to believe
    in facts. She would probably follow the
    Pied Piper.

  • Robert

    From a book written almost 200 years ago called “Democracy in America”:

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.”
    ― Alexis de Tocqueville

    “The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money.”
    ― Alexis de Tocqueville

  • Greg

    The people need to take the goverment back. And tell the people running Washington. To out get thenselfs a job and let the people run the goverment.

    • Jennifer McFadden

      here here

  • PD77

    to yafit, the reason companys like mine will not drop insurance is because thier contribution is tax deductable if the pay the tax (fine) it is not and they would actually lose money

  • Starr1sg

    I see so many people that disagree with Obama, everywhere is anti Obama or Pro Romney. It still continues, the onlly people routing for Obama is the News Media, the welfare receipients and illigeal immagrants. I truly don’t understand how he got so many votes. If I didn’t know better, I’d think the voting counting was rigged.

    • Jennifer McFadden

      I agree…the problem is though, everyone has a chance still to vote him out of office but not a soul will sign the petition to have him removed…so it is the fault of everyone, that OBAMA remains in office.

    • MIKE


      • Taxman

        What has he done except to outspend Bush…and I was no fan of Bush and did not vote for him the 2nd time around. If you can’t do the job in 4 years get the hell out of the country’s way

  • Jules

    Did we forget about the Electorial College, the voting in Alaska had not even been completed and all votes were not counted, when it was announced that Obama was re-elected.Can we all agree, that apparently the people of these electorial States are all unemployed, on welfare and probably do not even have the right to vote. On another note, please get your fats straight, it is not called a fine for not having insurance coverage, YOUR PRESIDENT AND HIS CROONIES call it a TAX. So KYZ, please read the bill your own damn self, before you start quoting the PORK STUFFED OBAMA CARE CRAP!!! Please read it, it is so full of PORK, that it does not cover but maybe 1/16th of Health care the rest is PORK!!!

  • So Tired of The Drama

    Cant believe we are still insulting people for their right to vote. I AM NOT on Welfare, I AM NOT RECIEVING goverment sub. I HAVE MY OWN BUSINESS while being a AT-HOME-MOM. MY HUSBAND IS A REPUBLICAN and he didnt vote for PRESIDENT OBAMA the first time but DID VOTE FOR HIM this time. I VOTED FOR HIM BOTH TIMES. We are part of the middle class!!!!! NOW WHAT IS LEFT FOR YOU TO INSULT!!!! NOTHING .. WE ARE A HARD WORKING WHITE MIDDLE CLASS HOUSE HOLD THAT VOTED FOR OBAMA AND WE PAY TAXES!!!! Enough with the insults just do something each day YOURSELF to make this country right!

    • Sammie Jo

      if you voted for obama, don’t complain, you’re part of the problem, you did nothing to make this country right, you made it worse.

      • Oldy but Goody

        Amen! I didn’t vote for the man either election. I think he means well though. And I wouldn’t vote for him for dog catcher either. He is clueless. He should quit and go to work in hollywood where they live out their fantasy and get paid for it. Since he spends more time out of the office anyway.

        • SCOTT

          how do you know where he spend his time. You need to get off your old white horse and do something different with your life. THINK IS A START.

      • hora

        All who vote for Dems merely take out citizen and deported with all illegals and never leave can back.

    • MIKE


    • JR

      You didn’t make it right. You deserve the insults. You voted for the worst president in the history of our country and you will pay for it just like all of us. Thanks a lot!

      • SCOTT

        what is your problem. did you not know that this economy was messed up when Bush was in the office and that Black man inherited the mess. stop beating around the bush and call a spade a spade your problem is that the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IS A BLACK MAN .

        • GL

          There all bought and paid puppets just doing what the bankers tell them to do.

        • jkh

          hate to tell you but Obama isn’t a full blooded black man. his mother was white

      • middle class

        Worst president! Haha ur a couple years to late.. george bush screwed us over so many years no one could have fixed it right away.. bush was sch an idiot he could barly talk.

        • aquarius

          Now this is the truest statement on this thread!

      • Are you stupid or something?

        Another uneducated person!!! Worst president ever? I think not. Obama really hasn’t done anything wrong as of yet. There is obviously more time, but most of his problems are problems that he inheirited from that worthless George W. Bush. Bush spent billions to drive the economy down and put us in a war in which we did nothing for years. Obama hasn’t pulled troops yet, but atleast he found Sadaam and was in office when Bin Laden was killed. On a scale of 1-10 Obama gets a 6 until the house and senate can get some work done and Bush gets a -100 for just being worthless!!!

        • Charles

          Idiot cia found bin laden and saadam wes found while bush was in office good thing your an “educated vote”

        • GL

          What do you think of him now!!

      • hora

        You right, American are divide and vote a criminals association KKK Party and became criminals too, we are divide but what part are bigger?Next time Dems maybe will get 35 to 40% of vote or less, Dems and Nobuma have so much enemy, very big legion, and who support him are less, in a balance Dems are fuck now and ahead, and 2016 too.White who vote for KKK who are white vote for two reason, one are Lazy and another because are racist KKK. But in any way this time will loose and reputation Dems are destroy, who not believe wait by November.

    • you are a idiot for voting for this president.You will get what you deserve and that will be higher taxes for your business and mabey lose it and everything else.

    • CBallman

      Great job voting for him… now i pay 1200.00 more a year in taxes for people who are to lazy to get off there bums and work…i have been a single mom since i was 17 & i NEVER got a thing from the government…..i dont know about you but you must make enough money that the increase does not bother you!

  • poor working stiff

    This nation is in major trouble and giving non working Americans welfare checks is not the answer to making it better. This country has become dependent on the government and soon many more will say if you can’t beat them than join them and then we as a nation is truly sc%&#ed.

    • joe

      Well said… wish rest of nation was smart enough to understand

      • Jennifer McFadden

        I agree

  • coca

    Why people don’t vote for the Green party is beyond me. There are more than the 2 parties. The country is going down the toilet anyway. Lets see what the Green can do!

  • discusted

    I’d like to see if these politicians could survive with a job(s) making min wage working under 30 hours per week and without any form of benefits

    • Jennifer McFadden

      I heard that….I’m tiered of never getting ahead for all the money they keep taking from us.

  • will the earned income law effect the 2012 tax return? any body know?

  • amanda

    sorry to say i do recieve medicaid for my child not for my self but i also woked from the age of 16 until i was 28 and have paid my taxes and was laid off do to president obamas fuck ups. yet im tired of people saying that every one on goverment assistance voted for him cause i sure and the heck did not

    • I don’t really consider Medicaid “Government assistance”. WELFARE is Government Assistance.

      • SCOTT


  • suave

    Mostly everyone who had something negative to day about Obama and Obama care in most cases are rich or well off or racist! Let it go ignorant people he won and not by a little, alot..obviously majority of America that voted had different views than u A holes!

  • hard working mom

    higher income people should pay more taxes or us middle class and low income people might as well go on welfare and reap all the benefits from it, taxing us more will only put us well below the poverty income line then who will be your servants?

    • Richy Jp

      No body will be your servant…..You eat i can eat too, you own a car and house I own one too……

      • Richy Jp

        Too much complain…we still can balance it..It just gonna take time..

  • CPA

    Everyone should stop pointing fingers and focus on solving the problem. We aren’t going to get out from under $15 Trillion of debt without raising taxes AND cutting expenses. If you don’t think that the rich have benefitted from the post-2000 tax cuts, just look at how the wealth gap between the rich and everyone else has expanded since 2000. It’s time for everyone to step up.

  • MIKE


    • Jennifer Fike

      Right play the race card because it’s all you know how to do. Apparently we can’t dislike Obama because he’s a bad president, hasn’t helped our country and is driving us toward socialism, it has to be because he’s black. No one said anything about his race. Everyone disagreed/agreed with his policies. I don’t think you have a clue what racisim really is. Besides I’m not going to, “rally behind who ever (should be, whomever) is in office,” if I don’t agree with what they are doing, that’s my right as an American.

  • laurarene

    Read the BIBLE….we ARE in the end of days folks…….the problem is our MORAL STANDARDS……..GOD has lifted his protection due to our COUNTRY removing HIM from our lives. Read the Harbenger ………before you deny this and deny GODs power. Amen

  • laurarene

    Obama is a MAN and he has A LOT on his plate……I give him my support….He has more GUTs than MOST. I pray for him everyday to have the strength and guidance provided by GOD to do GODs will. Obama is a highly intelligent man and knows what is going on spiritually here but because of it being “politically incorrect” to discuss OUR LORD, OUR SAVIOR and PROTECTOR……KING of KINGs, THE BEGINNING and THE END…..he cannot acknowledge that FACT.

  • Jennifer Fike

    Point is, before Obama-care HIS task team estimated about 30 thousand people were with out health insurance. Most of those were illegal imigrants and were not eligable for insurance anyway. After Obama-care it was estimated by HIS task team that 36 thousand people would be with out health insurance, of those the majority whould be Americans. Socialism = any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, READ HEALTHCARE OR a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done IT’S A SLIPPERY SLOPE THAT WE ARE ON!

    It doesn’t make me a racist, because I frown at people who think that getting their 13 year old daughter pregnant is a good idea because now mommy can afford a new cadillac.
    It doesn’t make me racist, to believe that everyone should have to work for what they have and that the government programs designed to give people a leg-up are now being used as a hand-out by third and fourth generations of people who have done nothing but live off these programs their entire lives. Oh they work, long enough to get a big fat earned income credit check when they file their taxes, and then they quit their jobs.
    It doesn’t make me a racist because it angers me that the black community in my area thought that getting Obama elected would mean that, “they wouldn’t have to work again,” and that, “they were all going to get free houses,” and that now, “the rich white folks would have to support them.” their words not mine.
    I live surrounded by people who have no vested interest in our country except how big their check is on the first of the month.
    Don’t blame my grandparents for the state of the ecomomy they worked at-least one job each since they were 15.
    It’s true you do have alot of middle class families that are turning to welfare now just to make their ends meet, guess who they are getting that welfare from, not the government, they are buying it from, “the people who really need it.” I think if i qualified for food stamps maybe I should spend that money on food, not sell it for 25 cents on the dollar to middle class people for cash.

  • TCHgirl

    These tax hikes will come into effect only becausee the Republicans dont wanna reach a deal. Get the facts straight. Obama wants to stop these impending tax hikes, but the Republicas wont agree..Way too many chiefs and not enough indiaians in Washington. Its to bad that the President dosent have more say in all this, or the middle class wouldnt even have to worry

  • Ronald Reagan

    Figures, always pulling the race card when someone blames a black man for stupid laws he imposes. I hated Clinton and he is white. Come on people, pull your heads out. Democrats are going to sink this country, they cater to the poor by providing free housing and free paychecks each month, but guess who has to pay for them, the working man and woman. People say that the poor need help also, heres my suggestion, get off your butt and go work at McDonalds, atleast its a paycheck. Oh but then you would have to answer to the “man” and have responsibility. I know a person who is section 8 subsidized, she rents out all the rooms in the house and lives with her boyfriend at his house, how right is that?? How about this one, I know another hispanic family that pulls this trick: Dad divorces mom on paper, mom gets welfare and food stamps and subsidized housing for her and “her” kids, Dad works at a job making $65,000 a year and lives in the house of his “divorced” wife. The system is broke and no one is there to enforce things.
    I thought we were suppose to run the government, but the government is running us.
    As for the comment that Obama won by a landslide, thats complete BS. He won the electoral vote, which is a far cry from actual votes. Big cities with big populations of hippies and couch sitters vote for the rest of the country. Heck, look at the map from the voting in the last election, a lot of red for Romney, not much blue for Obama other than the big cities like Detroit, S.F, L.A, N.Y, L.V and others. NBC even reported that a swing state like NV has had a high influx of hispanics lately………and who do most of them vote for?? Democrats.

    • becky

      first off, there will always be people who trick the system, second, if you know people that are doing this, have you reported it? probably not.

      • becky

        many rich people abuse the system to. sending money to banks outside of US and finding ways to avoid paying taxes. its not just some of the poor people that “get over” on the government

      • I have reported these people.They do NOTHING about it. They say they will, but they also say they are so busy- but “will get to it”. Obviously, they never do because I have followed through before! Unfortunately, they don’t follow through.

    • Yep…I see this all the time and always have here in Florida.

  • wanbain123

    The government needs to stop the earned income credit bs, these people know how to work the system and it really hurts people that actually WORK hard for a living………….

    • becky

      i get the earned income credit, and i do work hard for my paycheck. if you have 0 income you can not get an earned income refund. there is no working the system, its based on your INCOME. i have never been on walfare, but i have been on foodstamps before, BUT that does not mean i do not work HARD for my paycheck.

    • Richy Jp

      Try to claim more dependent on your tax return next time….That way you don’t have to pay that much tax to federal income….It sound like it does hurt. But that also help you to manage your money better next time that way you don’t end being so dependable on tax return money anymore. Specially if you have a good income….

  • Leenie

    Jennifer- if it is not a racist thing, why keep saying that? Also, why refer to your”black community”???- do u even realize that WHITE people actually sit around on welfare too????- I know it comes as a surprise to you, sorry to burst the bubble you live in, but it is true. Did you also know that statistically, more “crackhead” moms are white??- Does it surprise you that most drug overdose deaths are WHITE people, or that the highest rate of sexual predators, women rapists, and women “beaters” are also WHITE???- wow!!! Yes, the highest percentage of people on welfare are Hispanic, but white and black people are actually fairly even for the rest of the percentage. The only race you can barely even see on “welfare” assistance of some sort is Asian and Italian cultures. So, what does that say about our American heritage. And, before you even go into the whole thing about immigration, our country was built on immigration. The only ones who truly belong here are our Native Americans. Us white people had our ancestors steal this land, then they forced slaves into this country, so therefore, they have a more “moral” right to be here. As we now were born here, and cannot be responsible for what our ancestors did, we cannot be held responsible. But, also, all of us “white” people, we are nothing but a mixture of multiple races. I am part Irish, part French, part Native American, part Italian. So, what are you???- the answer is- Human. Yes, Obama hassle some mistakes, he has made some good choices. But, what president hasn’t??- who put our country in the debt?? Not him, so stop blaming him, he took office when the debt hit bottom. Who let all the companies go overseas to save money in production, which ultimately put out work here??- and have those same companies huge tax cuts? Did the farmers who work so very hard to allow us to buy quality food get any cuts?- did they have to pay inflated prices for supplies for the farms??- no!!! Do these republicans take care of war vets who are mentally affected by the wars, like Vietnam??- or do u see many of those veterans homeless or poor, walking around or not being able to walk?? Maybe democrats wouldn’t have done anything either.- it’s just that republicans say they take care of them. The state of our country is not going to be fixed overnight as some of you obviously think. But, if u look at it, it is gradually getting better over these past few years. It will be a while before anyone can sit down and enjoy their “kool aid.” So, yes, these people who are buying the $150,000 cars, yes, they should have the tax cuts relieved. It’s not because people who have worked hard should suffer, but a $100,000 car should have enough luxury to commodate their hard work. These middle class who work hard should not have to pay that high, because a lot of us work hard to have what we have, and live on a budget. And yes, the food stamp amount alloyed to people is more than what they will actually eat in a month, unless it is only the finest steaks, and they pig out on junk food all day. But, even doing that, there is usually money left over. I know because when I was out on bed rest with one if my children many years ago, my husband had been laid off, only out of work for a month and a half, I got assistance. They were going to give me $750 for 3 of us, I actually told them I didn’t need that much. So, I do believe that that can be too high. Also, for the Hollywood jerks, and those of you who said something about the young teenage mothers- stop allowing and watching the “Teen Moms” show. Stop supporting it. You say it’s because to show young girls how hard it is. Bulls&}t.. It is showing as glamorous- a way to get rich and famous, to have beautiful makeovers, to be on tv, to get money, to be on front of magazines, to get free clothes and makeup and jewelry as an “advertiser.” So, America that is condoning this bs can complain even more. Get your head straight.
    And, I am white, I am middle class, I do work hard for a living, and I do believe there are faults on all sides of the pages. Which paragraphs you skip decide yourself, or just read the whole damn book!! Good day to you all.

    • Well said!!!!!!

    • CP

      THANK YOU LEENIE !! I agree 100% . It’s so nice to see other people have the same mind set as I do . Well put also .

    • GL

      Is the NDAA one of those good decisions that he made?

    • bluekoi

      Thank you, thank you, thank you. this is very well said and correct.

  • Leenie

    To fix what I said, the farmers did not get a tax cut, but they did have to endure inflated supply cost.

  • William

    Obama really dumb as shit Obama care who is that gonna help…..idk but a friend of mine made 50000 this year he paid 6000 in taxes withheld alone n only getting 500 dollars back with three kids and married wtf tell me if that’s right he doesn’t owe any taxes Obama fuck you

    • Richy Jp

      You guys brain are way too small to see what Obama trying to do…….Why would your tax return stay the same say way when you’ve been received unemployment benefit when you lose your job for the whole years? Also, Food stamp and some other benefit are included. You guys think all those money was just suppose to be free money. Give me a break..!!!!!Obama just reformed it that way you can make a living no matter what…..So, you gonna have to satisfy with the deduction on your tax return like it or not……

  • nicole

    How are people suppose to survive ..we work are butts off everyday all day. And for w.hat, for you to take our money and leave us to fend for ourselves. The government wants to take what little we have. If not that than everything. What is this world coming to

  • nicole

    People should not be taxed on ,not having health insurance ,isn’t this suppose to be a free country . To me seems like the people that don’t have health insurance and can’t afford it are basically being told they will have to or get penalize.. now that is some bull craps.. I have health insurance that I work hard for everyday , but for those people that can’t afford it and aren’t asking for government help , should not be penalized. Because the government said so. WHAT HAPPEN TO OUR FREEDOM”

  • Common Cents

    I think that all of congress need to start paying taxes and not be exempt. Maybe we could pay off the national deficit that way!

  • Deb

    This is an absolute insult to “Middle America.” We work. We lose.
    But those sitting in Washington manage to work and win time and time again.
    Get it right for those who believed and voted. Just get the job done. Workers are. What about Washington?

  • Marni

    It is terrible that our country is not as strong as it use to be, but it is our country. I may not agree with all of the decisions our president makes and the decisions our congress makes, but I am proud to live in this country. I believe that our country will be strong again if we bond together and encourage our congress and the president to make better decisions that are fair to those citizens who work daily and pay their taxes. I do believe that people who are able to work should be mandated to work. I do agree that the “welfare system” has become a way of life for many people regardless of their ethnicity- how do we solve this problem? I do not have an answer, but it must be addressed, and it has to be done on the state level to be effective. We have become a selfish nation with selfish people. We have forgotten about working hard to achieve our goals as a whole, but those of us who believe in what this country was built on must not forget it. I believe in the United States of America, and I believe that our country will become strong again. I encourage people who believe in God and prayer with believing to bond together and lift our country and our president and congress and their leadership for our country. Let’s lift our country daily and believe for its recovery!

    • Now Bush Supporters Complain

      All of this is so true. Thank you.

  • dj

    yall people trip me out always wanting to blame the president because things got messed up. Bush was in office for 8 years what did he do nothing i’ll answer that question for you.this man is making things better and the only way you make things better is fixing the things that have the most impact on the USA. we don’t know why things are going the way they are if we did then you should be in office so yall leave the man alone he was voted in so you dont like it suck it up til next election

  • Charles J Johnson

    what they need to do is take there asses out of there office give them a real 9 to 5 job for about 3 or 4 months with a paycheck about $300 a week a food stamp card and bills and kids have to take of. And lets see how them shits heads like that

  • Now Bush Supporters Complain

    You people with your insults on what Obama has done to this country…plz shut up. You weren’t there to say anything when dumb Bush put us in this situation in the first place. And to recover some relief to the issue yes, we as individuals will have to suffer. It’s just the way things are setup. So if you didn’t say anything or even voted for dumb Bush then yes, you too should suffer because you put the idiot in office to get us where we are. It’s easier to destroy something, harder to fix it. If voters had of voted correctly in the first place we could’ve had a halfway decent president in office those 8 years Bush was there, but no. So now we have to let Obama try to correct the errors that were made before him. So please people grow up with your kiddy insults. We all just have to grow up and pick up our own pieces regardless of what that may be. Just start saving, do what you have to do on your end. What I learned while Bush was in office is that no matter what the government does to destroy what dreams I may have for my future I have to do what I can to make it better. So just do what you can, your this guy is going to do this and I didn’t vote for this guy either term just save it, because it’s not going to get you any where.

  • Pat R

    With the cost of food and transportation it is hard enough to get by with the income we get now and now they want to take out more from our pay checks. How do you expect us to pay bills, have a roof over our heads and buy food. If you expect us to survive with less then I expect the rich and politicians to take a cut in pay to help with the deficit. The low/middle class shouldn’t have to carry the burden.

    If you cut our pay, then the cost of food and fuel should be decreases. Our pays are going back to 1998 then the cost of products should go back to 1998.

  • look in the mirror

    i wish the these blogs didn t exsist for the losers in the woods that aren’t willing to come out and meet other people and interract. The only thing some of you find truth in is the fox news and rush.

  • Jackie

    So we have to pay more taxes, yes it is a hardship but we can make do. I get so irritated by people complaining that their dollar helps someone else out (who may or may not deserve it). Why the selfishness? In a society where most of the households have as many tv and computers and cell phones as there are people living in them I find it completely self-absorbed that people whine about higher taxes. Is it a child’s fault their parent is lazy or has drug problems??? No, so if my tax dollars make me give up a few luxuries so a child can have heat or a baby can have formula thank god for that system I say!

  • christianparent4

    All Obama supporters are able to come back with is the race card and I am sick of it!!!! I don’t care if he is purple if he was for America and what this country was founded on. He is a muslim for gun control against Christians and for socialism he is no better than Hitler was go back and look at history very scary and America better wake up and watch out or Christians will be the next ones in train cars on the way to concentration camps.

  • Tired of Haters!!!

    Freedumfraud, the election had nothing to do with the new taxes. If you want to point a finger at anybody it needs to be pointed at the law makers who are too stubborn to come to compromise instead of the President who can only sign off on what the house and senate approve. Please be educated before you post. Everyone wants to blame the president when there are over 300 politicians between the house and senate that make the decisions that put bills on the presidents desk.

  • Mary k

    Am I wrong but why is Boehner’s name pronounced Bay- ner. Is he name not spelled Bone-ner. Thus, should it pronoucned that way too? I’m just saying. He looks like a Boehner :).

  • Glenda

    What about Hybrids….will there be a deduction for buying a hybrid in 2013?

  • LeTigre

    Will the tax credits in the new health law be applied directly like personal exemptions? or…will the tax credits be applied as medical expenses…according to a percentage of the overall income?