9 Bizarre Items Seized by the IRSRead on to see some of the craziest assets seized and sold by the IRS.

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  • Reese

    #6 makes me sad. It wasn’t the government’s to begin with!

  • captaindandan

    I ain’t got no mo money $$ money $$. But I dutifully files my taxes’es every year and every year it says, “TAXES OWED= ZERO.” Gud. O, I ain’t got no job, I ain’t got no savings account, I ain’t got no stocks nor bonds (Except for my dvd collection of Ian Fleming’s 007 adventures “Bonds, James Bond(s).” Get IT?
    Won’t be long and this great BIG FAT f#C kERer will be ‘absent from the body but at home with the LORD.’ ” COME LORD Jesus!”
    All this ‘stuff’ here on this dimension can be re-created via the LORD and in a micro-second. I love 100 womens, I love cars, I love my theology books and law books; I love watches’s. I don’t have any special habits–cept, planning. Work that can be done by others’s.
    See ya all upstairs! AMEN?

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