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Money Makeover: Boston Family with $56,000 in Credit Card Charges Clips Coupons to Get Out of Debt

Learn how couponing can help you get out of debt.

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One Upside to the Recession: Huge Decline in Credit Card Debt

U.S. credit card debt has dropped sharply around the country as consumers make a greater effort to spend cautiously and pay off balances, ac...

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Women and Debt: Ditch the Credit Card to Start Saving for Retirement

For many of us, credit card debt can be an overwhelming source of financial stress. It can be difficult to keep up with minimum payments eac...

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Americans Now Have Less Debt and More Savings than in 2008

A new report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York shows Americans now have less debt than in previous years and are taking steps toward...

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Why We Go Into Holiday Debt

The holidays are over and just like every year, you’re probably stuck with a bit of a hangover from all that spending. Packing on an e...

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Why You Need Communication to Eliminate Debt

Travis writes under My Journey Out of Debt and is currently enrolled in a CareOne Debt Management Plan. He is a father and husband sharing h...

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Is Credit Card Debt Ever Forgiven?

“How can I get my credit card debt forgiven?” If you are overwhelmed or drowning in your bills and want to permanently wipe off ...

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The Ten Commandments of Credit Card Debt Relief

This article was written by Cole Collins, an online freelance writer in the field of personal finance, with a concentration in consumer debt...

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