Go on a Financial Fast to Start a Savings Fund

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Name: Natasha Campbell

Website: NatashaMCampbell.com

Entry Category: Saving Money and Frugal Living

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Hello. My name is Natasha Campbell, and here is my money saving tip. I want you to consider going on a financial fast.

So that means that you would focus on only purchasing necessities. No lattes, which you can make at home and call out your name, [in sing-song voice] — “Natasha.” No retail shopping. And no going out to eat. Only focusing on purchasing necessity items. And I want you to create a list of the items you were considering purchasing.

Tally those amount up, and transfer that amount into your savings account. This is a great opportunity if you don’t have a savings fund to use this amount of money to create a savings fund. It’s great if you’re looking to create a holiday fund or simply just to pay down on debt. I hope you like my money saving tip.