There’s good debt and then there’s bad debt. Learn the difference between the two and find out how to take control of the bad debt that’s plaguing your bank account. GOBankingRates provides expert advice on paying it off for good.

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The basics of personal finance start with budgeting. If you spend less than you earn and budget for expenses, you will be well on your way toward financial success. Learn how to manage a budget of your own.

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Expert Advice

Don’t take financial advice from just anyone. Maximize your earning potential with the advice of top money experts like Robert Kiyosaki, Suze Orman, Jim Cramer and more.

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Saving Money

Saving money now is the key to getting what you want out of life later on, such as buying a house or retiring. Learn why paying yourself first is an important money habit to develop sooner rather than later.

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Financial Calculators

When you deal in the personal finance arena, there will be times that using math is unavoidable. Sometimes the math is simple, and sometimes it’s complicated. Making sense of all these dollars shouldn’t require crunching the numbers in your head — you’ll need some tools at your disposal. Use GOBankingRates’ collection of financial calculators, because your finances can’t afford any errors.

Whether you want to calculate how much you can afford on a mortgage, how much you should be budgeting to pay off debt or how much you should be saving for retirement, there’s a calculator for you. GOBankingRates has the digital calculators you need to crunch numbers with ease. Use the online calculators to calculate interest rates, debt repayment, mortgage payments and more.