Free Agents Give the Best Career Advice

There hasn’t been much bigger news in the media as of late than Lebron James deciding to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and become a member of the Miami Heat. As a free agent, there was a lot of speculation about where he would go and how his decision would not just affect Cleveland, but the NBA as a whole. When we decide to move around to different employers in our careers, we are in a sense free agents with the potential to greatly affect more than one organization. If you have been thinking about making moves in your career, why not look at a few tips from free agents like Lebron James, Ray Allen, Amare Stoudemire, Dwyane Wade and others? They may help you make the best decision for your career and help you add to your income and savings.

1. Moving Around a Lot Gets You the Job You Want

Some free agents have been known to play for a several teams to help them find the fit that works best for them. In your career, you may find that moving around brings the same benefits and could ultimately result in the job you want. Of course, as you transition, you don’t want to take any position that’s handed to you. Just like professional athletes, it’s good to explore each job opportunity, visit the city, find a house with a reasonable mortgage loan and make sure that at least some of what you’re looking for comes with each move.

2. Taking a Pay Cut Could be Worth It if the Cost of Living is Less

As a major athlete, taking a pay cut can be a blow to the ego. Of course, the same goes for professionals who have been making good money on their jobs. Sometimes, though, a necessary move may come with a drop in pay. While you may feel that you’re being slighted by the pay cut, depending on the cost of living, it may not be so bad. For instance, suppose you work for a major company in New York City that pays $75,000 a year but living in your apartment costs $2,200 a month. If you relocate to Detroit and take a pay cut that lowers your income to $50,000 and your rent is now $800, you’re actually saving money – $8,200 a year to be exact. Plus, saving this money could allow you to place some into one or more bank accounts or set aside for investments.

3. If You’re a Major Talent, Recruiters May Give You Added Perks

As we all know, being a major talent in the athletic world results in tons of perks in addition to great pay, including endorsement deals, TV shows, movies and more. In the professional world, the perks may not be as extravagant, but they certainly could be nice. If you are a major talent in your field and are willing to become a free agent, recruiters may try to woo you in a similar fashion by offering benefits such as increased salary, better employment benefits and even relocation expense coverage. So keep this in mind as you decide whether to make career adjustments.

4. Trying Something New Often Opens You Up to More Opportunities

There may be some great reasons to stay in the same company you’ve worked with for years, but there are thousands of other options out there if you’re just willing to branch out a bit. You may find that there are better opportunities not just within a new company, but also in a new town you decide to move to. You may also find that networking opportunities in a new city are vast, providing even greater ways to branch out within your field. Even more, the city life may bring you more joy, whether you’re looking for a night life or something simpler like the best savings rates in a particular region.

5. Joining a New Team Could Improve Your Professional Skills

Many have argued that Lebron James was great by himself, but that he needed a better team surrounding him to improve as a player and finally win a championship. Now that he’s surrounded by Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, he may have the shot he’s looking for. The same goes for you as a professional. Sometimes, a change of organizational culture is just what’s needed to bring out the best in you as a team player and individual. If you’re looking to improve professionally, why not give it a shot? Getting career advice from free agents may seem a bit strange, but when you think about it, they regularly have to make major career decisions that could affect their lives and many around them. So are you ready to make some career adjustments? Don’t be afraid to take some advice from free agents along the way.