Where Bill Gates’ Money Goes

Bill Gates is known for being one of the most obscenely rich people in the world and many of us dream about what we would do with that kind of wealth. But wait a minute, what’s he doing with that kind of wealth? After all, it’s probable once you’ve amassed substantial savings, there are so many private jets and mansions you can buy before things get a bit boring.

Bill and his wife, Melinda, are actually leading the way in philanthropy. They are not only some of the richest people in the world, they’re also the biggest givers. Along with Warren Buffet, the Gates have established the Giving Pledge in which the wealthiest individuals and families in America are encouraged to donate at least half their wealth to charity. As you’ll see by the infographic below, the Gates have been leading by example for quite some time.

Want to live like a billionaire? After you’ve set aside savings and made a few key investments, share your prosperity with the people who need it more than you do by giving to a cause you believe in.

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