Talk Like a Pirate Day: 11 Famous Finance Quotes Spoken Like a Swashbuckler

Avast mateys, today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, a holiday founded for few reasons other than to have an excuse to wear an eye patch and bring up the word “scallywag” in everyday conversation. But honestly, do we really need any other reason?

In observance of this important day, we turned to the most eloquent and wise speakers of the personal finance world — and translated their famous quotes about money into Pirate-ese below.

Famous Quotes About Money — In Pirate

“Booty ain’t the most important thing in the world. Love be. Fortunately, I love booty.”
– Jackie Mason

international talk like a pirate day

“People first, then doubloons, then things … then rum”
Suze Orman

“A bank be a place that shall lend ye doubloons if ye can prove that ye don’t needs it.”
– Bob Hope

“A budget be tellin’ yer doubloons where t’ go instead o’ wonderin’ where they went.”
Dave Ramsey

“Yarrr, finance be emotional math”
Farnoosh Torabi

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“‘Tisn’t about havin’ it all. It’s about havin’ wha’ ye value most.”
Jean Chatzky

“If ye can, ye will handsomely find that the greatest rate o’ return ye will earn be on yer owns personal spendin.’ Being a smart shopper be the first step t’ gettin’ rich.”
Mark Cuban

“Me has a problem with too much buried treasure. I can’t reinvest it fast enough, n’ because I reinvest it, more treasure comes in. Aye, t’ rich do get richer.”
Robert Kiyosaki

“T’ safe way t’ double yer money be t’ fold it o’er once and put it in yer pocket.”
– Frank Hubbard

quotes about money

“Ye don’t ‘ave t’ earn a lot o’ doubloons t’ be rich.”
David Bach

“‘Tis critical that the American scallywags, ‘n not jus’ thar financial institutions, be represented at the negotiatin’ table.”
Elizabeth Warren