Kate Middleton Exposes How to Save Money While Still Looking Like Royalty

Despite her title as the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton hasn’t lost her practical approach when it comes to money. She attended St. Paul’s Cathedral for the Diamond Jubilee service earlier this year sporting a pair of fake diamond and pearl earrings that were the envy of her admirers and the benefit of her savings fund.

Kate’s faux diamond earrings were worth a paltry £48 ($78), though with holiday expenses and a newborn on the way, it’s clear that the newest member of the royal family has her feet grounded when it comes to saving money.

Kate Middleton’s Fake Jewels

The earrings that Kate Middleton donned at the service were immediately tied to an online store called Heavenly Necklaces. The website specializes in very convincing replicas of precious jewels, swapping out pricey diamonds for high-quality cubic zirconia stand-ins.

Belinda Hadden, owner of Heavenly Necklaces, built her entire business around discreetly selling faux jewelry to her A-list Hollywood clientele. Hadden says that her clients enjoy wearing her pieces because fake gems do away with the hassle of spending hundreds on insurance for the real deal, including the expense of hiring guarded security when returning rented authentic pieces.

“Fab Fakes” Bring Impressive Savings

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, going the Kate Middleton route makes a lot of sense. “The Kate Effect” — a phrase dubbed for Kate’s ability to draw consumers to her wardrobe staples and increase sales for designers — is a smart financial move this time around for consumers thinking of gifting diamond trinkets this year.

Fake jewelry that truly looks like the real thing is readily accessible online and in stores. Instead of spending thousands on diamonds, shoppers now have the confidence to shop for faux pieces in an effort to pad their savings account for the New Year.

(Photo: Tom Soper Photography)

  • leeann

    I don’t care who you are. You can be the McDonald’s Drive Thru Clerk or The Queen of England. However, I think as long as they are quality “fakes”, there is NOTHING wrong with wearing “Faux” Jewelry. In fact, there are many young couples who have decided to be sensible and instead of spending thousands of dollars for a real Diamond Engagement Ring, have opted to get a quality faux dimaond and save the money for a down payment on a home to move into rather than rent after the nuptials.
    I know there are many other places you can find quality faux diamonds, but QVC the TV and On Line Shopping destination has been selling what they call Diamonique for many years and even I have several of their pieces of jewelry and unless a jeweler uses a “loop” or actually test the stone, they thought my “Diamond Jewelry” was the real thing.
    Not only does this also save me from high insurance rates, but if I should ever lose a piece of jewelry I know it can be replaced without hardship.
    I say to William and Kate, go for it! Don’t worry about all the wagging tongues. Let’s face it, Kate is so gorgeous she can wear a paper bag and make it look like a designer original.

  • Great comment Leeann…I agree w/ you 100%! I have several pieces from the QVC line and LOVE them! Why sepdn $4k on diamond studs when you can spend $40!?!

  • I was drift-shopping and once asked about the diamond in a “name” jewelry store ring, as it looked so spectacular.”Oh, it’s a CZ. We use them in display rings as they are PERFECT.” If it works for the jewelers and the Duchess, it’s good enough for me!
    Dixie Swanson, Author, The Accidental President

  • cbonds

    FAKE JEWELRY SO WHAT? She is not fake and that is what is important! Media and people need to get over the “what is proper” thing and just enjoy. Kate and William are happy, healthy and having a child. Let’s all be happy for them!!!