Decorating for the Holidays on a Budget

There is nothing like celebrating the holidays with friends and family. When it comes down to it, it is the conversation, act of celebration and general merriment that makes this time of year most memorable.

Regardless of what your plans are for the big day or days, one way to getting the spirit flowing in your home is by decorating and there are plenty of ways to celebrate the season.

The key to successfully dating for a holiday celebration is knowing your theme and committing to it fully:

Project: Decking Out Your Halls

Cost: $1 per item

Dollar stores are not only great for affordable Halloween decorations but by following the same set of rules, you can deck your halls. Whether you are celebrating Christmas (green and red), Chanukah (blue and white), Kwanzaa (black, red or green) or want to deck the halls with brown and orange for Thanksgiving, there will be tons of affordable options.

Project: Add Some Simple Candles

Cost: $1-$8

Often candle light is reserved for romantic evenings, but purchasing these affordable wax beauties in the color theme of your celebration will allow you to dim the lights and feel the spirit.

Project: Take a Walk — and Take Something Home

Cost: Free

By taking a family stroll in the crisp Autumn or Winter air, not only will you be able to move that body, but you can find great treasures for decorating your celebratory table.

Acorns and fallen fall foliage will help adorn your home for Turkey Day while fallen pine cones can be collected in a bowl as a centerpiece or covered in in glue and glitter to make sparkling and memorable tree decorations.

Project: Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

Cost: Free

Why waste money on bows, ribbons and paper that will only be thrown away in the near future. The Sunday comics and brown paper bags all can be suitable and fun options plus those choices are environmentally friendly.

Project: An Edible Centerpiece

Cost: $4-$15

Create a centerpiece that looks good enough to eat. Dried cranberries and walnuts can be layered in a clear glass bowl and will serve double duty.

Project: Make Popcorn Garlands

Cost: $1-$3

In olden times, families would pop their own corn, thread their needles and made garlands to decorate their homes. Pick up where they left off and start this trend with your children.

Project: Watch a Yule Log

Cost: Free

The Yule log, aired on local TV stations during holiday times so they can give many of their staff the day off, is a free way to add a fireplace (and a bit of nostalgia) to your celebration.

Project: Get Your Holiday Music for Free

Cost: Free

Even if you don’t have a stellar holiday collection, during the season nearly every radio station will be playing some appropriate tunes and they don’t charge a dime for the pleasure of listening to them.

Regardless of your overall holiday budget, your best and most cost-effective home decoration is sporting a big smile. Nothing will make your home feel warm and inviting like your genuine delight in receiving guests. By offering your guests a warm hug and a big grin, you will be the best decoration in your entire home.