Ranked: Best and Worst States for Income Tax

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Don’t File Yet! Government Shutdown Delays 2014 Tax-Filing Season

The Average American’s Tax Bill in Every State

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  • Elyssa Kirkham

    This is pretty surprising! I have some family in Utah and Idaho who are always saying I pay more taxes, turns out they are paying a higher rate than I am.

  • Rachel

    Nice. Well, the good news is I aint moving to Hawaii anytime soon.

  • Many of my relatives live in Washington state and don’t pay income tax. I assumed they paid higher sales tax, but it’s only about half a percent different than where I live now. I don’t know how the state makes money – property tax? Marijuana?

    • Mike

      They have a pretty substantial sales tax. It is pretty close to the highest sales tax charged by any state.

      • I think I just live in one of the most expensive places in the U.S., so a half a percent more doesn’t seem like much. 🙂

  • RonHaynesMBA

    It would be interesting to see this information overplayed by property taxes, state sales taxes, and state government revenues per capita.

    • Exactly. Curious how not paying sales tax in Oregon would balance out the higher income tax? Living in Colorado I appreciate lower income tax, but the sales tax here makes daily costs expensive.

  • Melanie Anne

    No wonder the richest in America live anywhere else besides Indiana!!!

    • John A Kozak


  • John A Kozak

    I live In San Diego and use no heat or air conditioning which saves me plenty

    • John A Kozak

      And my property tax is only 1.12% of value

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