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Saving Money

Saving money now is the key to getting what you want out of life later on, such as buying a house or retiring. Learn why paying yourself first is an important money habit to develop sooner rather than later.

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The basics of personal finance start with budgeting. If you spend less than you earn and budget for expenses, you will be well on your way toward financial success. Learn how to manage a budget of your own.

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Online Banking

If you never want to step foot in a bank again, online banking can make that happen. GOBankingRates has determined the best online banks based on their rates, customer service and unbeatable features.

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Savings Accounts

A savings account is a safe place to keep money you plan to use in the future but might not need access to right away. Savings accounts enable you to prepare for the future, and you’ll find the best savings account interest rates here.

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Finding the Best Deals & Freebies

Everyone loves getting free stuff. On GOBankingRates you can find guides to the best deals and freebies for every holiday, from National Ice Cream Day to Amazon Prime Day. You can even find a huge list of every birthday freebie available to you. If there’s a holiday, there’s a deal or freebie to be had, so stay up to date on all the best ones that national retailers and restaurants have on offer. You can even score free stuff on Mother’s Day, Pi Day and National Beer Day.

At GOBankingRates, you’ll also find articles on the best deals at some of your favorite stores like Starbucks, Costco and Best Buy. The site can even help you find best deal on that brand- new, flat-screen TV you’ve been eyeing.

There are plenty of ways to save money, but getting free stuff is by far one of the most fun ways to do it.