The Only Real Way to Get Out of Paying Your Student Loans: Leave the Country

how to get out of student loan debt

Does it seem right to you that the federal government insures student loans? What would keep a lender from approving a big fat student loan package to a young adult who has likely never had a serious job while in high school? Whether this is right or wrong can be debated later, what’s important is to know the facts:

Facts about Student Loan Debt

  • Filing for Economic Hardship Deferment can postpone making payments for a short period of time, but the debt remains and interest continues to accrue.
  • Wages can be garnished and tax refunds intercepted in the case of student loan default.
  • Student loans are the only debt, other than back taxes, that can’t be forgiven through bankruptcy.
  • Leaving the country has become another “strategy” for people trying to get out of paying student loans.

Wait – what was that last one?

Yes — the stress becomes so unbearable that some feel like moving to a different country will allow them to avoid paying back student loans. That’s not just thinking outside of the box — that’s thinking outside of the BORDER!

Would You Leave the Country to Avoid Student Loan Debt?

I would never recommend someone try to run away from their debt. Avoiding difficult financial situations and hoping they will somehow mysteriously go away will not solve the problem. Changing citizenship status to Timbuktu will not eliminate student loan debt, and it would still be here if they were to ever come back.


However, I would encourage someone with student loans to leave the country if:

  • They have the opportunity to earn more money
  • Their family is supportive of the move or temporary separation
  • They are serious about paying off the student loans

How to Get Out of Student Loan Debt and Keep Citizenship

Leaving the country to get out of paying your student loans should be the last thing to consider (not to mention that we would miss you dearly). It would be wise to make sure you did everything possible to get out of student loan debt before you pack all your belongings and give your pets away. Here are some things to try first:

  • Earn more income with a 2nd or 3rd job
  • Refinance student loans to get a better overall interest rate
  • Consolidate student loans (also to get a better rate)
  • Apply for an Income Repayment plan
  • Cut household expenses wherever possible and throw the increased cash flow at the debt!
Only two of these options actually helps you to pay off the debt, the others just slow them down or postpone them. Can you guess which ones?

Crazy Ways to Pay Off Student Loan Debt Without Expatriation

Want some inspiration to help come up with ideas on how to kill the debt instead exporting yourself? There are some crazy things people do to cut expenses or create income:

  • Sell your house – Hey, you were planning on leaving the country anyway, so this shouldn’t be a big deal.
  • Take on a renter or two – It still won’t be as cramped in your house as living in Monoco or Singapore, which have 200+ people per square mile!
  • Clean and maintain cemeteries – It’s great if you can moonlight and nobody cares what time you start.
  • Work as a pet waste technician – Somebody gave “picking up after pets” a nifty name!
  • Wash windows – Seriously, this job can make you money and it doesn’t take much capital to start.
  • Bartend – You get paid to hang out with people in a bar, which can earn you money per bottle sold rather than charge you $6.00 per bottle if you were there as a customer. It also might land you a contact for the big job!

What are some of the crazy things you’ve done to pay off student loans?


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References: Expensive Degrees with Lowest Earning Potential

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  • Monaco? Really?


  • G0OS3

    This article is retarded, the author must be on crack.

    • Dude

      Lol, my thoughts exactly.

  • t-dawwg

    derr…I wish I could get a bartending job. I’ve tried.

  • Loois

    Mediocre article; I can tell the author never had any student loans.
    Try your luck elsewhere and come back soon if it doesn’t work out.
    It’s no like the tax payer’s money is being used fairly anyway (IRS Scandal 2013)

  • Math

    First, I’m sick of people complaining about their tax dollars. Me paying back my private student loans, which is what burdens and kills most people, has NOTHING to do with your taxes.

    So I’m expected to feel “guilty” for wanting to skip out on my 70k loan, which ballooned up to 100k… with various interest, some around %9.75, and %10.75… which Sallie Mae refuses to renegotiate on despite my paying every month… and I cant bankrupt away.

    I have private loans. I cant, and wont, afford to pay 1200 a month for 10 years, or 800 for 15 years… 600 of which is just interest!!! And get more than one job? I dont know about you, but my job expects us to work unpaid overtime on a regular basis… so you dont have time for another job. I’m also bound by a non-compete claus so I can even try and do side work legally.

    I’ll be paying until I’m 60, if I live that long since I wont be able to afford good healthcare, and then there may not even be social security for me to live on.

    I would have been better off trying to rob a bank. All the laws are there to keep my financially crippled, for my mistake of trying to go to school. So while I’d pay my taxes before I left, if I cant get my payments down to 300-500 interest AND principal, give me one good reason I should stay here and deal with that horrible debt?

    • Dr K

      Time to grow up and take responsibility for taking out private loans. Whine all you want; you owe the money. If you maxed out your credit card at 29%, would you also not pay it?

      • Engineer Paul

        What is more responsible paying a student loan, or not paying for health insurance and watching your family members die one by one. Also have your teeth get cavities and not go to the dentist, and not even bother going to the doctor any longer, but just take pain pills when in pain from being sick?

        IF people could earn an income that allows them to make all their payments, most people would not be looking for a way out. People look for a way out when it is either leave or kill themselves.

        I personally think of both each day, and quite frankly I get on my soapbox doing what I can each day to tell people not to go to college because it is not worth it. There are not enough jobs for the people looking right know, and basically the only shortage of workers there is here in the USA is ones that are willing to work for less than the Chinese laborers in China. At those kind of wages who would ever be able to pay a student loan?

        Also I would much rather take my own life than kill those that I love to satisfy any loan. I’m sure that I’m in the Majority on this one…

      • Derek Holland

        Well, I would try to pay that credit card, but if I couldn’t….then bankruptcy. Oh, yeah, student loans can’t be discharged in bankruptcy.

    • AMis Friend

      I’m with you, bro. I’m with you all the way. If you want to split – my and every rational person’s blessings to you – this was 2 years ago, I hope you’re long gone by now

  • expat abroad

    European banks/credit checks don’t access your American credit standing. Student loans? Yeah, right. The best way to go is to have dual citizenship.

  • AMis Friend

    the thing I find most wrong with this article is the assumption that it’s our legal & moral duty to pay these shitty loans, to the extreme of coming to severe personal harm. It is simple, folks: IT SHOULD BE FREE. EDUCATION SHOULD BE FREE. Period. Countries with lower GDP do it, why can’t this place? I say, anything people can do to activate their inalienable rights as human beings (such as procuring a FREE EDUCATION, even if it means getting loans and splitting) is fine in my book. Still would not even approximate 1/4 of the atrocities that the corporate capitalist pig fucks inflict on ppl every single day

  • Needlejuice

    “Clean and maintain cemeteries”

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