What Twilight’s Kristen Stewart Should Do with Her Money

Poor Kristen Stewart. In this video, she admits to struggling with money issues. Apparently, Stewart has accumulated such an enormous mass of wealth from the Twilight Saga movies, she has no idea what to do with it.

It’s no surprise — the third installment, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, brought in over $30 million at the box office. That’s even more than the last film she starred in, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, which earned a still impressive $26.3 million last November. There’s no telling what Stewart’s paycheck for these films looked like, but there is no doubt she’s conflicted as to how to invest it.

Don’t you wish you had the same problem? So do we. Here are our suggestions for what Kristen Stewart should do with all her money.

Give It Away to Charity

Stewart mentions she would probably want to do something nice for others and just give her money away, rather than spend it all on herself. It’s a very thoughtful suggestion, though interestingly, it hasn’t happened yet. Nevertheless, charity is always a great option when you have more money than you know what to do with.

Take the recent Giving Pledge launched by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates — they have convinced several billionaires, like George Lucas and Michael R. Bloomberg, to give up half of their wealth and donate it to charities. It might not be a bad idea for Kristen Stewart to add her name to that list. After all, she may not be a billionaire (yet), but learning the value of giving at an early age could prevent her from growing up into a self-absorbed Hollywood starlet.

And do you know who could use that money the most? Her fans. They’re not only the reason she is so obscenely wealthy in the first place, they could all really use a style upgrade from those gloomy Hot Topic ensembles.

Save It!

Stewart’s much more financially savvy costar, Taylor Lautner, intelligently reminds his interviewer that money is meant to be saved. Though he might be better off investing in stock with whatever company produces those denim cut-offs the werewolves seem to like so much, it’s not bad advice for Kristen.

Since she’s probably not really going to give that fortune away, she should save it at least until she’s no longer a minor. Beyond the obvious fact that teenagers don’t make the wisest investments, when a young person makes the kind of money Kristen Stewart does, there are plenty of unscrupulous adults willing to take whatever they can get.

Before worrying about how to spend or invest it, she should make sure it’s protected from herself and others by saving it in a minors trust account.

Specifically, we feel her best bet is to have the majority of her earnings deposited into a Section 2503 trust. This type of account is for the benefit of a minor, like Stewart, who cannot withdraw any of the money until she’s 21. Funds can be distributed to her only if they are expressly for her benefit but no one else can touch it.

Of course, once she turns 21 in about a year, all bets are off. At that point, she could blow it all on pricey real estate  or whatever addition is the most popular at the moment. Hopefully, though, she will have developed some financial sense by then along with a recognition that a little sunlight wouldn’t actually kill her.

Do you have a better idea? What do think Kristen Stewart should do with her Twilight money?