Why Brad Pitt Keeps $1,100 in His Wallet Instead of His Bank Account

Celebrities often get a bad rap for flaunting money in the form of exotic cars, multi-acre villas and designer clothing. Thanks to their lavish lifestyles, Hollywood celebs’ bank accounts allow them to carry more than the casual $50 cash in their wallets — in fact, A-lister Brad Pitt was found to be lugging around a hefty $1,100 on his person over Thanksgiving.

But unlike the other celebrities who’d rather spend that cash on an overpriced haircut or a new handbag, Pitt keeps this wad of cash on hand should an opportunity for charitable giving arise. And for the neonatal unit of Southampton General Hospital in England, this is exactly what happened.

Brad Pitt Donates $1,100 to Hospital Fundraiser

Tricia Wilson-Hughes of the Southampton Hospital charity happened to be working at a nearby gift shop where the filming of Brad Pitt’s upcoming film “World War Z” was taking place.

She made rounds to the film’s crew members and managed to raise about £40, which equates to about $64. Then, Wilson-Hughes approached Pitt’s security personnel and asked if Brad Pitt would be willing to make a £50 donation. When the bodyguard returned, she was “completely dumbstruck.”

Pitt’s act of charitable giving amounted to £700 ($1,100) in support of Wilson-Hughes’ cause. “I couldn’t believe it,” said Wilson-Hughes. “He said if he had more he would have given it. I said honestly that is more than enough, but if he wants to do anything in the future that is absolutely fine.”

Her fundraising efforts for the neonatal care unit was inspired by her close friend, Karley Gallagher, whose son Zachary was treated at the Southampton General Hospital for his gastroschisis. After nine weeks of close supervision in intensive care, Zachary had a successful recovery and was released.

Pitt No Stranger to Charitable Giving

Brad Pitt is no stranger to philanthropy and has often participated in acts of charitable giving. In 2006, he and wife, Angelina Jolie, donated an impressive $8 million to charity, according to tax records. In addition to the $1,100 donation to the Southampton hospital, Pitt recently showed his support of marriage equality through the Human Rights Campaign with a $100,000 contribution.

Additionally, he founded the The Make It Right Foundation, a nonprofit organization which raises funds for displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina. Brad and Angelina founded the Jolie-Pitt Foundation which strives to fight against rural poverty, while protecting natural resources and maintaining wildlife conservation.

With such a charitable history, there’s no doubt Pitt already has his pockets lined and checkbook ready for another generous gift.

Photo: IBTimes

  • Julie King Davenport

    He seems like a very caring person.

  • Margaret Lux

    He definitily has a big heart. His actions have shown us that! Very loving and caring more than a lot of people. Generosity is not a weak point of his.

  • Goober McNitt

    I am Jack’s sense of generosity.

  • nizho

    Wow 1000.00 bucks to charity, he so giving!!! uhhh doesn’t this guy make like 5 million a movie? 1100.00, is like me dropping a .10 into that bucket with people ringing bells. 1100.00 is valued at around 600.00. A bunch of media hype to me. He should be giving more than that. After all his wife is part of the Council on Foreign Relations. That 1% is so giving!!!!

    • Brad

      How much money do you make a year? I’ll low-ball it and say $50,000. Do you give 1% of that, $500, to charity on a whim?

    • Yes it was only $1100.00, but that was the amount of CASH he had on him at the time. We have no idea if he followed through with a bigger donation later.

    • Gary Jarrell

      @nizho how much did you give to charity last year?

    • Greg Thomas

      He didn’t have to give anything.

    • killthedrones

      I guess you didnt read he gave 8 million dollars in 2006. did you give $10 in charity in all these years ?!!!

    • $4485292

      it’s comparable to you giving away 5 bucks. when was the last time you did that?

  • Maggie

    One of the few who actively donate. There are probably other celebrities who donate to charity, but only when the need arises, not on a continuing basis. Pitt and Angelina Jolie put their money where their mouths are, regardless of the criticism they have endured over the years. Good for them and good for those on the receiving end.

  • american1946

    With all the charitable contributions that were given to the people in Haiti for the hurricane disaster… it came into the billions, from what I remember hearing on the news; I still hear that the poor people in Haiti are still living in pitched tents! As small as Haiti is; the money that was donated was enough so that each Haititian would now have a mansion! where is the money and why hasn’t the United Nations done anything about it? That is why
    people aren’t too eager to donate money! there is too much larceny and it starts with the government officials!

    • lk

      Same thing with all the money collected over the years by the Red Cross. The Salvation Army is my only charity, 95% goe DIRECTLY TO SOMEONE IN NEED

  • american1946

    If Brad Pitt has such a wonderful heart; why did he not think twice before he broke the heart of his first wife Jennifer?

    • AVDr

      Get over it…. Move on… It takes two to tango and Jennifer has her share of that break up.

  • american1946

    I can’t believe that he would trade off Jennifer his beautiful first wife for his anorexic present girlfriend Jolie the home breaker ?

    • Greg Thomas

      Jennifer was frigid. Angelia may be a nut case, but she likes to get after it….

    • AVDr

      Jennifer is not beautiful… She cute at best….(why do you think she cover her face on the side with her hair)… Angelina is BEAUTIFUL….. Go ask the experts… Also, if you have seen Jen and Angie being interviewed ….. You can totally know who’s smarter and who’s not…. Angie has more substance and depth as a person than Jen. Funny thing, I actually like Jen too…. But when you involve yourself and judge people why they end their marriage when the truth is , we really don’t know what happens in there private life…. You’re just being stupid and judgmental.

  • american1946

    I like Jolie as an actress, but I have no respect for anyone who is a home wrecker; but that is my opinion… you don’t have to agree with me. but surely the conseuences come sooner or later cause you can’t hurt someone and get away with it forever…an example:
    Liz Taylor had no respect for keeping her hands off other women’s husbands and she took Debbie Reynolds husband and look: Debbie is still beautiful and working like a diamond and Liz Taylor? well she is 6 feet under. It gives me no pleasure but what you do to others to hurt them, will come back to hunt you. I see too many people hurting other people without taking consideration of the consequences. I was very upset when Brad Pitt dumped Beautiful Jennifer Aniston for Jolie the anorexic zombie.

    • FilmDudeinLA

      If the actions of actors upset you baby then you have FAR TOO MUCH FREE TIME on your hands. Me, I gotta work for a living and don’t care what overpaid, over-primped movie stars do to each other, with eachother or by themselves. I clicked on this because the link made it seem as if he was going to say he kept money in that amount in his wallet rather than a bank in case of a natural disaster since the link mentioned World War Z. None of us were there to see how the marriage of Pitt and Aniston broke down and how the romance of Pitt & Jolie began. Aniston seems happy and about to be married to a guy I’ve literally seen her mauling in public Displays of affection her in LA. I don’t think she wants you on her “team” any more so maybe you coul use all your celeb-obsession time being happy for “your” girl since that is what she’s doing.

      • american1946

        To FilmDudeinLA: Thank you for addressing me as baby. You are correct that Angeline Jolie probably doesn’t need me on her team, actually, she might need me in her team for surely there must be a reason that she is anorexic; which is a sign of low self esteem and she thinks that she is too fat and no one will like her if she is fat. As to your comment:: ” Do I have a lot of time on my hands?: Surely everyone that is blogging here has some time, including you. anyway. in the long run, things will go better for Jennifer Anniston because she didn’t go steak anybody’s husband… and I hope that she never does. The film industry keeps getting worse and encouraging filth… I miss the good old decent movies cause this new generation is turning our world youth into the terrors that no one wants around. I hope that parents realize that they need to take responsibility in their leadership as parents.

        • enough already

          oh get over it.

  • american1946

    They are probably paying redemption brownie points to get out of hell into purgatory and then into heaven… that is the belief of many; to buy your way into heaven. I wonder if that is possible?

    • Greg Thomas

      He’s already adopted half of the third-world. I think he’s paid his debts as you say….

    • the.iron

      No, it’s not possible and no one in Christendom is going to heaven either. Purgatory and hell are mythological concepts and nothing more.

  • american1946

    sorry for venting my feelings; this problem with our economy is getting on my nerves!
    Our High 16 trillion debt; the government overspending, the high unemployment debt and everything else that goes with those consequences…. yes and Christmas coming up and no money for presents for the children! anything else? yes!

    • C M

      Time to shut up now. Thanks!

      • american1946

        to CM: Who died and made you the individual to decide who and what to say? Therefore since last I checked, it wasn’t you, so shhh… and.. you are welcome

  • ADL

    I hate to seem ungrateful because there are many people less generous than Brad Pitt, but if you have enough money to buy a few houses and outfits that cost thousands of dollars etc… then you are still not giving enough to charity. I’m a republican so I don’t think that the government should tax the rich more, but I do think that morally we shouldn’t be patting Brad Pitt on the back.

    • Sheepleherder

      There is zero reason for anyone to give anything to charity EXCEPT for the moral one. He didn’t have to do it, it seems to me that he deserves a pat on the back BECAUSE it’s “morally” the right thing to do. It appears he gives a lot to charity. This particular amount may be comparatively small, but if it was all he had to give at the time, it’s even more deserving of a pat on the back.

    • the.iron

      That’s funny since a lot of Republican’s proclaim to be Christian and therefore followers of Christ, who did nothing but give to others, even things that money cannot afford, that the richest person couldn’t afford.

    • so he hands over basically all his cash to a person looking for CASH donations and you blast him for not donating enough.

      You sir are an idiot

  • rlain

    Now that this information is public he will probably get robed by some thug.

  • Mike_Scarborough

    Well done Brad Pitt, and the money is for a precious cause, but why does an NHS funded facility in England have to conduct a charitable fund-raiser for neonatal care? I remember watching an Olympic Opening Ceremony in London boasting about the NHS and it’s care for children which I have no doubt is true. Just asking….

  • Mike Hosley

    He’s giving back instead of being focused on accumulating wealth- Prosperity is the ability to meet anyone’s needs, at any level. We can all be prosperous.

  • Gambler

    $1,100, that’s it?

  • j price

    I think it was a very kind act, that was done simply out of kindness. Yes he’s a good looking guy, but we all have relationship issues and that was so long ago, cut the guy some slack. Both ex and current are exceptional with or with out him at their sides. I’m surprised Im even taking time to reply to this post. I have never in the past and probably never will again. Everyone strays so far off the beaten path. Merry Christmas to all and may you all find similar kindness in your hearts this season to donate to others in need

  • South Lousiana

    Tired of the media fawning upon celebrities, “gay marriage” is not “marriage equality”, read the Bible for the LORD’s determination on this …..

    • noah vail

      when the lord starts signing paychecks or paying a mortgage , maybe then the bible will make sense…until such time were better off with brad and angelina donating MILLIONS to charity….it takes money to feed people, not prayer…im sure that many, if not all, hungry people pray for relief…given the choice id rather rely on brad and angelina than prayer or the bible…as for gay marriage thats between citizens and the state…it doesnt take a minister of any kind to marry people, any judge can do the job

  • so he donates to homosexual marriage (enough with the “gay” be-es) rather than the truly needy who could benefit from it? talk about misplaced priorities!!!!