It’s Your Own Fault You’re Poor: Why Your Brain Won’t Let You Save Money

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  • D. Tran

    I’m pretty surprised by these stats. I can’t imagine not having any savings at all. Do so many people really just live on day-to-day checking funds?

    • Name

      Yeah, we do. And it’s not because we’re out buying a daily morning latte and having dinner and lunch out on the town every day, or because we have anything like satellite or cable, or internet, or smartphones (we have none of these things) like these “gurus” would have you believe. I eat ceral for breakfast, brown bag lunch, and cook dinner at home every night. We eat out maybe once a month, if that. I use coupons. I don’t get manicures and pedicures, and get my hair cut (but not colored or any other extras) every other month. I buy clothes off the clearance rack at Wal-Mart, and my son’s, some of his come from second-hand stores and garage sales. The reason we have no savings is because we try and save on a pittance of a salary and as soon as we have any emergency money saved up, an emergency happens that drains it again, and we’re always just one step ahead of the next disaster. Case in point – after draining our emergency account for some health-related bills a few months ago, we had finally gotten $375 back in our emergency savings. Then my husband hit a deer, to the tune of a $500 deductible. So that sets us back another $125 before we can start saving back into the emergency fund again. “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” – John Lennon said it best. You just have to do the best you can, and keep hoping for some miracle to let you keep ahead of the next disaster.

      • rhonda mick

        @D.Tran you said it best and i find this to be true in alot of peoples life.not everyone is tech crazy or ‘living the good life’.

      • KRob

        To follow up, as much as I would love to pay all my bills via auto-pay. I cannot guarantee that the money will be in the account the day the bill is supposed to go out. Depending on the bill it’s cheaper for me to take hit with it being late, as opposed to paying the overdraft fee for it getting there on time.

    • Old Maine Girl


    • John


  • I’m not sure if I completely believe that I’m poor because of things that I have done. Many times, it goes much deeper, family history/finances, location, opportunities, etc. Some people have a much easier road in life than others.

  • Averagewhiteguy

    I try to save but there is always that one thing that comes up and needs to be paid for so I end up spending instead of saving.

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